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Asthma Cure – None Exists, But a Natural Solution Uncovers Causes

The bad news is you or your child has just been diagnosed with asthma. What’s worse is there’s no cure for asthma. There are hundreds of asthma medications and inhalers available to control and manage different types of asthma – allergic asthma, childhood asthma, and exercise-induced asthma – but no treatment provides an asthma cure.

Asthma medications can provide day-to-day control of asthma symptoms and can help manage the acute symptoms of an asthma attack. And, while they appear to deal well with symptoms, not one of those hundreds of asthma medications does a thing to eliminate or even reduce the cause of asthma symptoms. Not only that… most of them have a list of potential side effects that should scare anyone using them, particularly if you are the parent of a child with asthma. Seems hard to believe that’s all there is, doesn’t it?

What if we told you about a solution that tries to uncover the cause of asthma? What if you could one day dispense with those daily asthma medications and “rescue” inhalers? Would you be interested in pursuing it? We’d bet you would, and that’s why we’re going to tell you about a solution that’s getting a lot of attention lately.

Not an Asthma Cure, But a Natural Solution That Can Locate and Correct Causes

You’re dealing with a child with severe asthma symptoms. It breaks your heart to watch your child suffer from labored breathing, coughing and wheezing, despite the fact that he’s taking asthma medication to control his asthma symptoms.

You’ve researched the side effects of the medications he’s taking and have slowly concluded that the treatment can actually be worse than the illness. Now you’re confused – medicate/don’t medicate – but how can you not medicate when his symptoms are that severe?

The problem with prescription asthma medications on the market is this: While they may be able to do a fairly good job at controlling asthma symptoms, the fact is, an acute asthma attack can still happen at any time. And… if you don’t have a “rescue” inhaler close by, you could be in grave danger. Of course, you could be in the same kind of danger when you use any of those medications. Why? Because the list of potentially serious side effects is enough to scare anyone.

You’re told that there is no cure for asthma and that controlling symptoms and managing an acute asthma attack is the best anyone can do at this point, despite the fact that childhood asthma is a near epidemic and its numbers grow daily. This just boggles your brain. Do you have to resign yourself to the fact that asthma is a life sentence for you or your child?

No, in fact a resounding NO! You see, there is a gentle and natural approach to dealing with asthma – childhood asthma, adult asthma, exercise-induced asthma and allergic asthma – that has shown tremendous results in reducing asthma symptoms and the necessity for asthma medications.

The approach we recommend is chiropractic care and here’s why…

No Asthma Cure Exists, But an Effective Solution Does!

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Managing or controlling asthma symptoms may all be well and good, and fast-acting inhalers may get you through the acute symptoms of asthma rather quickly, but the next attack can occur at any time, without warning.

What if someone could locate and correct the cause of asthma? Would you be interested in exploring such an option? Sure you would!

The sponsors of don’t believe in drugs that mask symptoms. What they do believe in is top-bottom, inside-out healing – the goal of which is to eliminate causes. This helps to alleviate symptoms and voila – no more asthma attacks, no more coughing and wheezing and no more tightness in the chest.

These and other Phoenix chiropractors are ready to help you or your child with asthma.

The sponsors of this site believe that the body is fully capable of healing itself once any interference to the nervous system that causes asthma symptoms is removed. And interference to the nervous system is caused by spinal misalignments.

Spinal misalignments can occur whenever you experience a fall, an injury, or some type of accident. They can even occur during the birth process, because of the force that is placed on an infant’s neck and spine during the delivery process.

Any type of spinal misalignment can cause interference with the nerves that exit the spine in the area of the misalignment. When there is nerve interference, the affected part of the body can become prone to all types of illnesses, including asthma, because nerves provide the vital communication link between the brain and the body.

Not an Asthma Cure, But A Means To Locate and Remove Nerve Interference

The sponsors of are educated in using very specific and sophisticated techniques to locate and correct spinal misalignments. When these misalignments are corrected, the interference in the nervous system is removed and “all systems are go” once again.

When the interference is gone, many asthma sufferers report a decrease in the number and severity of asthma attacks. In fact, some have progressed to the point where they no longer require any medication at all!

We hope that you’ll call one of your local sponsors and make an appointment for a consultation, examination and evaluation. They are ready, willing and able to help you live an asthma-free life!

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