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Asthma Treatment: Controlling Symptoms Is Not Finding The Cause

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Asthma is the most common chronic illness among the world’s children and its numbers are growing with no end in sight because, currently, there is no cure for asthma.

Asthma treatment consists of any of a variety of daily oral medications and inhalers that have been developed to help control asthma attacks, and “rescue” inhalers that provide immediate relief for the symptoms of severe asthma episodes or attacks.

The large numbers of medications that are available to control the symptoms of asthma contain long lists of potentially dangerous side effects, including death, that can occur while using the medications. Reading about these side effects leaves parents of childhood asthma patients frustrated and afraid. They don’t want their children to suffer from the effects of asthma symptoms or an asthma attack, yet they don’t want them to suffer from side effects that can be far worse, either.

So, what do you do as a parent when asthma treatment risks seem more serious than the disease itself?

Asthma Treatments Stress Daily Medications and Trigger Avoidance

The most popular current treatment for asthma consists of a combination of medications and strict avoidance of any triggers that might set in motion an acute asthma attack.

Commonly prescribed asthma medications fall into two categories:

  • Long-term anti-inflammatory drugs, or steroids, that help to prevent asthma attacks on an ongoing basis by reducing swelling and the build up of mucous in the bronchial airways. Using these drugs prevents asthma sufferers from readily reacting to irritants and allergens that trigger an allergy attack.
  • Bronchodilators that provide quick relief from the symptoms of an asthma attack by opening up tightened air passages and clearing mucous from the lungs.

Sterile environment for child asthma sufferer image

A link between allergies and asthma is often found in children; therefore, sometimes allergy therapy is recommended. The thinking behind this is that controlling allergies will help to control the asthma.

The dosing of asthma medications depends on the severity and frequency of the asthma symptoms. However, most patients with asthma typically take medications every day.

Health professionals also caution the parents of childhood asthma sufferers to remove as many asthma triggers as possible from their child’s environment. This usually requires maintaining a very sterile home by eliminating, to the best of your ability, such triggers as:

  • stuffed animals that attract dust; use washable ones if your child must have one
  • dust mites, by encasing all bedding in allergen-resistant, zippered casings
  • pets, because their dander is a common allergen; visiting friends with pets should be kept to a minimum
  • molds and mold spores, by using dehumidifiers and keeping bathrooms clean and mold-free
  • second-hand smoke – do not allow anyone to smoke in your house, including a parent that smokes. Also included in this is wood smoke, as in fireplace wood
  • cockroaches and other insects, through the use of insecticides and traps
  • pollen – keep windows closed on particularly high pollen count days and use air conditioning
  • irritants from aerosols and perfume, paint and cleaning products

Removing all of these asthma triggers requires a great deal of diligence on the part of parents and creates an extremely sterilized home environment for a child that can make him or her feel different from peers.

Alternative Asthma Treatments

Some additional asthma treatments may be used, either with or without drug intervention, in mild asthma cases. These therapies include:

  • Specialized breathing techniques designed to reduce asthma symptoms and the need for asthma medication
  • Yoga that also stresses breathing in the form of relaxing exercise
  • Muscle relaxation techniques, biofeedback, meditation
  • Herbal remedies

Some of these have had very limited success in reducing asthma symptoms, but there is one type of alternative therapy that has shown great success in locating and addressing the cause of asthma, thereby reducing or totally eliminating both the symptoms of asthma and the need for asthma medication.

An Approach That’s More Than Just a Mere Band Aid!

The sponsors of are specifically trained to discover the causes of many illnesses and conditions, including asthma. These dedicated health care providers are chiropractors who believe that the body is made to be self-healing and self-regulating, all on its own, without drugs and without surgery.

So what happens when someone gets sick with asthma? That’s a great question. Our sponsors believe that nerve damage interferes with the natural ability of the body to heal itself. Nerve interference usually results from some type of misalignment of the spine that occurs when there is traumatic injury to the head, neck or spine. This injury might have occurred in a fall, an accident, or even during the birth process itself, and it causes nerves to become trapped under the bones where the misalignment occurred. This in turn interferes with normal brain-body communication, causing a “short circuit” that translates into illness.

Chiropractors are the only health care professionals who can locate and correct the area in which the misalignment occurred, by moving bones off the nerves and freeing them up once again. This restores balance and health to the body. “It’s truly amazing to watch in awe as a young child receives his or her first adjustment,” exclaims this San Jose chiropractor. Typically, the child’s body becomes totally relaxed and calm!

Directory of participating chiropractors in Mesa, AZ.

Chiropractic Looks For The Causes of Asthma, It Doesn’t Just Control Symptoms

Think about it, when you’re focused on controlling symptoms, and you’re somewhat successful, and people think that you’re the only “game in town, ” there’s no incentive to look for a cause because then, people wouldn’t be lining up at pharmacy counters to pick up their asthma medications.

But, prevention isn’t a cure and as long as people believe there is no cure for asthma, they’ll keep taking medication themselves and feeding their kids medications that control asthma symptoms, so they at least appear to be well.

Chiropractors are far more interested in locating causes and in helping adults and children with asthma find a permanent solution that doesn’t rely on drugs. And, studies conducted on asthma sufferers, both adults and children, show extremely promising results in reducing or even eliminating asthma symptoms and the need for those inhalers!

Many parents of young children with asthma are no longer afraid of what might happen to their children if they get an asthma attack and no one is around to help. They have personally witnessed the hope and healing that chiropractic delivered to their children and… they’re saving a lot of money in the pharmacy too!

Please make it a point to call one of our sponsors. You’ll discover a caring and compassionate heath care provider who wants to help you understand that there is a way out and that safe, natural chiropractic care might just be the road to get there!

You really have nothing to lose except a whole lot of asthma symptoms and medications that keep you or your child out of the game of life. Make an appointment; you’ll be grateful.

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