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Childhood Asthma is All Too Common, A Natural Approach Can Help

Childhood asthma statistics image

Your child gets a cold and soon starts coughing and wheezing; he appears to be having difficulty breathing. You rush him to the emergency room and after several hours, the diagnosis comes back: childhood asthma. Your child is now a statistic.

“Childhood asthma is responsible for more days lost from school and parents’ absence from work than any other childhood illness,” explains this Wilmington Chiropractor. It interferes with your child’s ability to participate in sports, to have pets or visit friends who have them and to play outside on certain days. It makes your child appear to be “different, ” and no child wants that label. As a parent, childhood asthma causes you more than just days lost from work; it also causes lost sleep, lost time away from your child due to fear of an asthma attack, a lost social life and plenty of worry.

Why did your child have to become a childhood asthma statistic? Is there any hope for an asthma cure?

Childhood Asthma: The Symptoms

There are classic childhood asthma symptoms that include:

  • Coughing, which may be worse at night, keeping your child from falling or staying asleep
  • Wheezing, a “whistling” sound that occurs when you child breathes air out
  • Tightness in the chest
  • Shortness of breath, trouble breathing normally

These symptoms occur when your child’s bronchial passages (airways) become inflamed. This causes them to narrow, making it difficult to get air in and out of the lungs. A buildup of mucous in the airways further aggravates your child’s asthma.

Other symptoms associated with childhood asthma include:

  • Trouble breathing after running or active play
  • Coughing that gets worse with a cold or any type of respiratory illness
  • Frequent respiratory infections, such as pneumonia or bronchitis
  • Trouble nursing or sucking in infants

Some children with asthma have all of these symptoms; some only wheeze and cough which can lead to a misdiagnosis by your child’s physician. “Hidden asthma” occurs when the typical asthma symptoms are not easily detected; they may only show up when your child engages in physical activity.

Usually a young child will develop a pattern of symptoms over time, which helps with the diagnosis of childhood asthma. When parents start to recognize these patterns, this helps the doctor with the diagnosis as well.

Childhood Asthma: The Causes

Why do some children get asthma while others do not? Why is it so widespread?

When it comes to causes, more than 50% of all childhood asthma is allergy-related. Cat allergies, in particular, account for 30% of all allergens that trigger childhood asthma. Asthma and allergies are often related to each other, especially in children.

Other risk factors for developing childhood asthma include:

  • Exposure to second-hand smoke before or after birth
  • Living in a congested urban area with smog and air pollution
  • A family history of asthma, allergies or other types of respiratory illnesses
  • Low birth weight
  • Having a mother who smoked during pregnancy
  • Having a mother who used antacid products for heartburn during pregnancy
  • Being born male
  • Being born African American
  • Living in an urban, low-income environment
  • Child not exposed to enough illnesses to gain proper immunity
  • Child not breastfed to gain mother’s immunities
  • Diet – too much fast food, not enough fruits, vegetables, nutrients

No one can say for sure why the incidence of childhood asthma is on the rise worldwide, but many health care professionals and experts believe it has a lot to do with increased childhood exposure to allergens that trigger asthma (smog, pollutants, second-hand smoke, dust mites).

Others believe that vaccinations have kept children from getting most illnesses that build immunities to allergens. As a result, children’s immune systems are deficient and their bodies are not capable of producing enough antibodies to protect them from allergy triggers.

Childhood Asthma: Common Treatments

Because there is no cure for asthma, most parents and medical professionals strive only to manage and control symptoms.

The medical management of asthma involves the use of asthma medications that fall into two categories:

  • Long-term medications that reduce airway inflammation to control asthma symptoms and prevent an asthma attack
  • “Rescue” inhalers that quickly relieve the acute symptoms of an asthma attack

If childhood asthma is related to allergies that trigger asthma symptoms, immunotherapy, also known as allergy desensitization therapy or allergy shots, may be recommended as well.

For more information on asthma treatments, see the article titled, “Asthma Treatment: Controlling Symptoms Is Not Finding The Cause.”

A Gentle, Natural Approach That Helps To Eliminate the Cause of Childhood Asthma

Managing or controlling asthma symptoms may be fine, and fast-acting asthma inhalers may get you over hump when acute asthma symptoms strike suddenly, but the next attack can occur at any time, without warning.

What if someone could locate and correct the cause of your child’s asthma? Would you be interested in exploring such an option?

The sponsors of are educated and dedicated health care professionals. They realize that controlling symptoms isn’t the same as uncovering and eliminating causes. This is what they strive to do so that your child’s body can heal itself, without steroid medications and asthma inhalers that contain many potentially dangerous side effects, including death!

These Little Rock chiropractors are ready to help you or your child.

The sponsors of this site can’t prescribe medications that can make you feel better, like other types of doctors. And they’re happy that they can’t because asthma medications may control symptoms, but the disease is still present and flare-ups can happen at any time. Our sponsors are highly skilled and talented chiropractors who know that your child’s body is fully capable of healing itself. However, this is likely only after any interference to nervous system function, the likely cause of your child’s asthma symptoms, is removed.

This interference in the nervous system can occur when a fall, an injury, or some type of accident causes a misalignment of the spine. Spinal misalignment might even occur during the birth process, because of the incredible amount of stress placed on an infant’s neck and spine, particularly when forceps are used.

These spinal misalignments interfere with the nerves that exit the spine in the area of the misalignment. When there is nerve interference, the affected part of the body can become dis-eased, causing all types of illnesses, including childhood asthma.

Chiropractic Locates and Removes Nerve Interference

Child chiropractic adjustment image

Nothing is more rewarding to a chiropractor than witnessing a child’s body heal itself after a spinal misalignment is located and corrected. Chiropractic seeks to reduce the chances that asthma attacks will occur in the future. When your child’s body is able to heal following chiropractic correction of a spinal misalignment, there is often a corresponding reduction in dependence on asthma medications to control his or her asthma symptoms because the cause (nerve interference) has been eliminated.

Do you want to get off the asthma medication merry-go-round? Do you want to give your child his or her best shot at a healthy life? Then, please, pick up the phone and give one of our local sponsors a call. Talk to the doctor about your child’s asthma symptoms and ask about his or her experience in helping children with asthma. Ask to see testimonials or to talk with another parent who has had a child with asthma.

There are no guarantees in any health care profession, but our sponsors can certainly share stories of miraculous healing that occurred in children and adults with safe and natural chiropractic care. We know they can give you the hope you’re looking for.  Please… call one of our sponsors.

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