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Check Your Alignment!

running shoes image

Checking your shoe's wear patterns can help create proper body alignment for better health.

We all get our cars aligned, but how many of us actually think to get our bodies aligned? With a car it’s simple: if your steering wheel shakes, or the wear on your tires is uneven you get the car aligned. Have you ever stopped to think the body works the same way? There are natural health approaches to maintaining proper alignment for your body.

When was the last time you checked the soles of your shoes? Think of the shoes on your feet as the tires on your car. They are a cushion between your body and the road. They provide a layer of shock absorption, even though the body, like the suspension on a car takes a majority of the impact from the road. Anything from muscle tightness, to poor body mechanics, to the type of ache in your foot will have an effect on your walking, running, cycling, etc.

You name the activity, and poor body alignment will affect your performance and can even increase your chances of sustaining an injury in that activity. So, why aren’t you getting your body aligned? Not everyone knows that a chiropractor is used for more then just spinal trauma. Chiropractors are musculoskeletal experts. You can go to a chiropractor not only when you are injured, but also to keep your biomechanics and even your general health in order.

Whether you’re thinking of starting a simple exercise program or you are an elite athlete looking to gain a performance edge over your competition, a chiropractor with a good sports medicine background can take you where you want to go. It all starts with a review of your current health and fitness levels. Once a fitness baseline is established, a postural analysis as well as analyzing wear patterns on your shoes will help develop the needed adjustments to get you on track. Furthermore, a chiropractor with a kinesiological or biomechanics background can analyze your gait (walking pattern), as well as your mechanics during your fitness or work related activity. Analyzing running, cycling and swimming patterns can help isolate problem areas and provide a plan for treating such things as back pain and neck pain.

Once the fitness history and physical exam are complete, your chiropractor can take you through the necessary adjustments. Chiropractic adjustments are just the beginning of your treatment. The bones will not stay in place if the stresses on them are off balance. Muscle work will help relax the muscles and help them regain optimal length. Corrective exercises, modification of current movement patterns and even nutrition can play a role in your alignment and performance.

If you are looking to start a program or just add to what you are already doing, take the time and get analyzed. You might find it enjoyable, as well as informative, and beneficial towards reaching your goals.

Dr. Pietro Baio is a Brooklyn chiropractor.

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