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Shock Discovery…Spinal Degeneration Found in 10 Year Old Children

According to a new discovery, 9% of children are showing signs of low back disc degeneration by the age of 10!

Probably the most alarming fact of all in this study is actually in what they didn’t check! Out of the 23 discs residing in the spine, only the five lower back discs were checked.

Now why on earth didn’t they check them all, you ask?

Simply put, it was a study focused on the lower back and the potential causes of low back pain.

So if the discs in the lower back are degenerating, the possibility of similar degeneration going on in any of the remaining 18 discs is quite likely. If that’s the case, the number of children suffering with spinal degeneration is sure to be far greater than 9%.

Fear not, though for there is good news in this article. But before we get to that, here’s a little more information on the findings of the study…

MRI scans of the lower back discs in the spines of 154 children showed that they had some degeneration as well as bulging and protrusion of the discs. The important point to grasp here is that while this degeneration was going on, none of the children experienced any pain or symptoms of any kind! Because approximately 9% of nerves transmit pain in an adult (and even less in children) it is very common for nerves to be irritated without apparent symptoms.

So how did this degeneration come about in children so young?

If you’re a parent, or anyone who has ever come in contact with, or been a kid, then you’d know only too well that they spend a lot of their time falling over, scraping their knees and bumping their little heads. Over time all of those little accidents can cause the spinal bones to misalign or to stiffen up. Chiropractors call this a spinal subluxations.

To illustrate. Picture a car tire that’s out of alignment. Over time if it’s not realigned it will wear unevenly and thus does not last as long as it should. Like that tire, a spine out of alignment will wear out more quickly. The only thing is, you can’t replace it when it does…

Now here comes the good news! All of the above is avoidable…

You can’t stop your children from receiving bangs and prangs throughout their childhood (that comes with the territory of being a child). What you can do, however, is have them regularly checked by a chiropractor. They don’t have to be a certain age to receive the benefits, they can literally begin getting adjustments from birth! Chiropractors help to unlock and re-balance these misaligned spinal joints which takes pressure of the nerves exiting the spine.

This has important potential overall health benefits as well. After all, what coordinates the growth and development of your children? Their nervous system!

Dr. Paul Lanthois of Be Healthy Chiropractic in Maroochydore Northshore has been helping children and their parents find better health for over 20 years!

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