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Mid Back Pain

Mid back pain image

Pain in the mid back – that broad area between the neck and the lower back – isn’t as common as neck pain or lower back pain, but it has become increasingly prevalent. Also referred to as “upper back pain”, pain in the middle of your back stems from a variety of causes. Fortunately, there’s a safe approach to mid back pain that offers lasting relief without drugs or surgery. Learn more about it.

What Is the Mid Back?

The mid back is made up of the twelve thoracic vertebrae, their interlocking facet joints and discs, along with muscles, tendons and ligaments that support the structure and allow movement. Attached to each of the thoracic vertebrae are the ribs, which wrap all the way around the body and attach in the front at the sternum (the bottom three ribs don’t quite make it all the way around). This rigid cage structure is designed to protect the spinal cord and the vital organs,   so this part of the back doesn’t allow for as much bending or twisting as the neck or lower back. Consequently, wear and tear type problems that affect the discs are far less common in the mid back area.

Mid Back Pain

Mid back pain is most often caused by muscle strain or malfunctioning joints at the rib-to-vertebra junction. These can be triggered by many things, including:

  • Maintaining straining postures (like bending over a desk or workbench)
  • Lifting excessive weight
  • Sleeping on the stomach
  • Obesity

Although more common in lower back pain, factors such as bugling discs and arthritis can contribute to mid back pain as well. Muscle strain creates inflammation that crowds nerves in the area, and joints that don’t move enough or move too much create rigidity or instability of the thoracic spine, irritating the nerves. When the nerves don’t function properly, you experience pain and the body’s natural flow of communication is interrupted. Dulling the symptoms with medication does nothing to restore proper structure or nerve system functioning. But drugs aren’t the only option – a natural approach to mid back pain relief is available.

Say Goodbye to Mid Back Pain

Mid back pain relief image“We chiropractors help correct spinal misalignments to restore proper joint and nerve function, ” says this busy chiropractor in Beaverton.

Without the use of drugs or scalpels, chiropractors identify those underlying causes of mid back pain and, using gentle adjustments, returns the body to proper alignment. Chiropractic is so successful with mid back pain that it is the first choice, worldwide, of patients seeking alternative health care. And chiropractic is safe: chiropractors obtain advanced degrees, rigorous training and state licenses before working with patients like you. And chiropractic care is a covered option under most health plans.

If you want to try a safe, natural approach to relieving your mid back pain, simply call a chiropractor with an office convenient to yours – in no time, you’ll be on your way to natural healing.

At the appointment, your chiropractor will collect quite a bit of information from you to get to know you and what you’ve been dealing with in terms of your mid back pain. A further physical exam will provide more insight as to the specific nature of the problems, which will all be explained in detail. Finally, your chiropractor will develop a plan for correcting these underlying issues, explain the plan to you – and then implement it by applying precise and gentle adjustments to specific areas of malfunction.

Locate chiropractors in Myrtle Beach ready to assist you.

Particular results can’t be guaranteed, of course, but chiropractic enjoys its excellent reputation based on the fact that it gets results. Many people feel relief after a few visits and some people enjoy maintaining regular chiropractic care because it keeps their bodies working optimally.

Stop Mid Back Pain Before It Starts

Strained postures are one of the most common causes of mid back pain, but taking a few precautions can help prevent the problem.

What To Do How To Do It
Take breaks Tightly gripping the steering wheel while hunching forward, bending diligently over your computer keyboard, or sitting with your upper back turned to one side can all strain the muscles, creating pain. Take frequent short breaks to give the muscles a rest.
Move around Adjust your posture whenever you notice your shoulders and upper back hunching forward. Stretch gently in the opposite direction, move your shoulders around and squeeze your shoulder blades together to counteract the forward pulling.
Make adjustments Set your monitor to be at eye level when you are seated properly in your chair with your knees lower than your hips and your feet on the floor. Use your chair’s head and arm rests.
Turn over Sleeping on your side or your back is better for your spine than stomach sleeping, which tends to twist the neck, putting pressure on all the vertebrae.

Find out if chiropractic can put an end to your mid back pain. Call a sponsor today and say goodbye to pain.

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