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Stomach and Back Pain

Do back pain and stomach pain go together? For many people, the answer is yes. This situation is rarely serious, but it can be difficult to live with: back pain is bad enough, but coupled with abdominal pain and intestinal distress it’s even worse. Missing work, being unable to enjoy meals with the family and not knowing what to do about the situation creates additional stress you just don’t need. Medication only relieves back pain temporarily, without addressing the underlying causes – so the pain returns again and again. But don’t despair! There’s a solution to your stomach and back pain that’s 100% safe and natural.

Back and Stomach Pain

Back pain is often caused by dysfunction of the facet joints (interlocking “fingers” on the back of each vertebra) or by degeneration such as bulging discs. Muscle strain is another common culprit. And while it may seem illogical that any of these should affect your abdomen or digestion, it actually makes sense when you understand how the back works.

Back pain and stomach pain image
Is your back pain related to your stomachache?
When any part of the spinal structure isn’t working properly, it affects the many nerves traveling along the spinal canal. These nerves carry instructions from the brain to every single part of your body. So if a bulging disc that causes lower back pain is pressing on a nerve that serves the stomach, for example, there’s an excellent chance that the stomach will also experience pain and function at a diminished capacity. The compressed nerves may affect the intestines also, creating digestive upset along with the stomachache. And when muscles in the back are strained, compensatory muscles in the front may become overworked as well, resulting in abdominal muscle pain.

Finally, from an emotional perspective, dealing with chronic back pain can cause stress and emotional turmoil, which often directly affects digestion.

More Serious Problems

The majority of people with back and stomach pain do not have a serious illness. However, if your abdominal pain is severe, it’s important to have it checked out, as it could be a sign of one or more of the following:

  • Kidney stones
  • Gall stones
  • Appendicitis
  • Diverticulitis

If your stomach and back pain is more typical, there’s hope for you as well. A natural approach to stomach and back pain relief is available.

Bon Appetit!

Stomach and back pain relief image
Back pain relief can get you back to the buffet table in no time.
“Locating these underlying spinal malfunctions and restoring proper functioning to the nerves is what chiropractors do,” offers this busy chiropractor in Phoenix.

By precisely adjusting the structures of the back, nerve interference is reduced or eliminated and those communications from your brain can get to where they’re supposed to go! The result? No back or stomach pain.

Directory of suggested chiropractors in Houston.

Naturally, results vary and can’t be guaranteed, but chiropractic is so successful with back and stomach pain that we’re the number one choice for people seeking alternative healthcare options. And like all chiropractors, all of our sponsors have advanced degrees and licenses in every state in which they practice. And there’s an excellent chance that your insurance covers chiropractic. So why not give one a call today (there’s also an excellent chance there’s one in the neighborhood) to schedule a preliminary consultation?

If you’re not sure what to expect, don’t worry. Our chiropractors are friendly and compassionate and will happily answer all your questions. First, they’ll ask a few questions of their own to learn more about you and your particular symptoms. Next, you’ll have a thorough exam to help reveal the details of what’s happening. Armed with all the facts, your chiropractor will be able to design a plan for correcting those areas of malfunction, which he or she will do by applying precise chiropractic adjustments.

Medication Digestive Effects
NSAIDS Nausea, heartburn, stomach ulcers.
Muscle Relaxants Nausea, vomiting.
Antidepressants Vomiting, constipation, dry mouth, extreme thirst.
Anticonvulsants Dry mouth, weight loss.
Narcotics Dry mouth, loss of appetite.

Don’t wait another day to start healing your stomach and back pain naturally – call a chiropractor now.

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