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Bedwetting Alarms: Do They Work?
Try A Natural Approach Instead!

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If you’re the parent of a bedwetting child or a bedwetting teen, chances are you’ve tried many approaches to try to stop the problem. From waking your child before you go to bed, to withholding liquids after a certain hour, to providing rewards for dry nights, to different types of medication – you really have tried it all.

Maybe you’ve even tried another popular solution, a bedwetting alarm. Has it been successful? Did it work only for as long as your child used it, with little success in bringing about a permanent bedwetting cure when your child no longer used it?

It’s only a guess, but if a bedwetting alarm was that successful, then why are you reading this article?

Bedwetting Alarms: How Do they Work?

Most bedwetting alarms operate in fairly the same way. There is a moisture sensor that is inserted into or attached to your child’s underwear and an alarm that is worn on your child’s wrist or attached to his or her shoulder or bed. Some have a cord attaching these two pieces, while others are wireless.

When your child begins to urinate in his or her sleep, the moisture sensor detects this and sets off the alarm, which, in most cases, sounds similar to a smoke alarm. There are some bedwetting alarms on the market that allow you to record something with your own voice, to use instead of the alarm, which has been known to wake up everyone else in the house other than the bedwetting child!

Bedwetting Alarms: Behavior Modification in Stages

Many parents get a bedwetting alarm thinking that their child will magically get up alone, without aid, and go to the bathroom once the alarm sounds. It’s not that simple.
A bedwetting alarm is a type of behavior modification device, but initially, at least, it requires quite a bit of participation on the parents’ part. There is quite a long period of conditioning involved before your child can successfully wake on his or her own, before the first drop of urine and the sounding of the bedwetting alarm.

These are the usual steps:

  • The child gets the bedwetting alarm and wears it to bed, as directed.
  • When the bedwetting alarm sounds, the parent goes to the child’s room, wakes the child and walks him or her to the bathroom to finish urinating.
  • The parent does this every time the bedwetting alarm sounds, for approximately six weeks; after this, the child is expected to start to wake on his/her own, without any parent involvement.
  • Within 12 weeks, the child should be conditioned to wake up on his/her own to empty the bladder, without needing to use the bedwetting alarm.

Bedwetting Alarms: The Good, the Bad and the Bottom Line

The Good: Bedwetting alarms are certainly safer, and less expensive, than medications used to treat nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) in children, and can be successful with children who do learn to wake up on their own after several weeks.

The Bad: For some children, the bedwetting alarm works only as long as they are using it. Some children receive no benefit whatsoever because they wet the bed prior to getting up, they never hear the alarm because they are such deep sleepers, or their parents expect the bedwetting child to work with the alarm on their own, since bedwetting is the child’s problem.

The Bottom Line: Parental opinions on the use of bedwetting alarms differ based on the success rate they experience in keeping their child dry all night. For some it works; for others it is simply a waste of money, so they soon revert to the, “He or she will grow out of it, ” mindset. Some companies make huge promises and charge a more money for bedwetting alarms that are available for a less expensive price in other stores or on other Websites.

Whatever the case, the bottom line is this: Alarms are safe, some might even say “natural, ” and although all bedwetting alarms function in relatively the same way, there are a number of user variables that can affect their success rate.

So…what else can you try when you think you’ve tried it all? How about all-natural chiropractic care?

Come on…You’ve come this far – at least keep reading…

Sound the (Bedwetting) Alarm for an All-Natural Alternative

The sponsors of are chiropractors who have experience in helping children and teenage bedwetters. They know the story; they’ve heard it all before – the shame, the guilt, the loneliness and the heartache that every bedwetting child feels. They know about all the solutions that parents have tried, without success. They’ve listened to parents talk about their own experiences as bedwetting children, and how they didn’t want their own children to experience all that goes with being a bedwetter.

They know the pain and they have a solution. And, although they can promise you and your child nothing, what they can do is let you read the testimonials from families who dealt with this same problem and children who faced these same challenges. For many of them, bedwetting is no longer an issue.

You see, our sponsors believe that many health conditions stem from a spinal misalignment that might have happened in a fall, a car or bicycle accident or another type of injury. A spinal misalignment can wreak havoc with your nervous system because it can interfere with the proper functioning of nerves that link the brain to the body in an elaborate communication network.

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Chiropractors are trained to locate and correct any misalignments in the spine; this allows any affected nerves to function again, eliminating or at least reducing episodes of child bedwetting. Chiropractors don’t claim that they have the ability to treat or “cure” any illness. They only help the body to work better so it can heal itself!

Why don’t you call one of our sponsors today and talk about your bedwetting child and what you’ve tried so far. Then sit back and listen to a caring chiropractor describe some of the miracles he or she has witnessed after freeing up the nervous system so the body could function the way the Maker made it!

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Want to learn more? Then turn up your volume, watch, listen and learn.

Many parents have tried other solutions, such as drugs and bedwetting alarms, without any success. Then, they discovered chiropractic care and their stories changed…dramatically, just listen…

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