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Stop Bedwetting: You’ve Tried It All, Now Try a Natural Cure!

So, you child is a bedwetter. First of all, you need to know you have lots of company. More than five million other children do it too!

Also, most girls can have nighttime accidents up until the age of six; boys may wet the bed up until the age of seven. So, if you have a bedwetting child who is younger than that, the usual advice is “This too shall pass.” Please be patient with your child as he or she “grows” into a dry bed.

Bedwetting older child

If you have an older child who is a bedwetter, then you’re obviously concerned and frustrated. Washing wet sheets on a daily basis isn’t exactly what you’d like to be doing with your time. Understand this, your child wants nothing more than to stop bedwetting. It’s embarrassing and socially limiting when sleepovers are “off limits” for a bedwetting child or, even worse, a bedwetting teen.

You want to make the bedwetting stop for good, but nothing you’ve tried so far has worked. You feel hopeless and discouraged, and rightfully so, but you need to know that there is another approach to stop bedwetting that is safe and all-natural…and it works for many children.

Please keep reading, the sponsors of believe you need to know about a promising solution that has helped so many children to stop bedwetting, for good.

Stop Bedwetting – What Have You Tried So Far?

Most compassionate and understanding parents will try anything to help their bedwetting child to stop bedwetting. You are probably among those desperate parents who are still hoping there is one more thing, just one more solution that will work this time.

Your heart breaks for your bedwetting child, and you know the disappointment that your child feels when he or she wakes up, yet again, in a soaking wet bed, cold and miserable.

Many parents of a bedwetting child have tried at least one, if not several, of the following tips to stop bedwetting:

  • Bedwetting alarms that are supposed to wake your child when the first drop of urine comes into contact with a moisture sensor in your child’s underwear.
  • Diapers, made specifically for older bedwetting children or teen bedwetters, that make your child feel like a baby and even more ashamed, not to mention what they do to lower self-esteem at a critical age.
  • Waking your bedwetting child before you go to bed, or during the night, to walk him or her to the bathroom.
  • Limiting fluid intake after dinner.
  • Administering prescription drugs that have potentially harmful side effects and that only work while your bedwetting child is taking them.

How many of these have you tried? How many have failed to stop the bedwetting? You wouldn’t be on this page if they worked! Have faith – there is still one approach that you haven’t tried.

Want to Stop Bedwetting for Good – Try Natural!

When you feel that you’ve tried everything you know of to stop bedwetting in your home, you need to know that there’s one more approach you can try, an approach that has helped many children and teens to stop bedwetting for good!

Happy young boy child image

Our sponsors at are health care professionals who know that you don’t need drugs or surgery to get relief from many diseases and conditions, including childhood bedwetting. They are chiropractors who have seen plenty of miraculous transformations in their practices. They have seen bedwetting children and teens experience a new freedom and a new happiness when they stop wetting the bed for good.

Recommended chiropractors in Boise.

Our sponsors know that so many health conditions start with a fall, an accident, or an injury to the head or neck. Maybe your child fell from a bed or was in a car accident at a younger age. Children experience so many falls and mishaps – it’s very likely they received an injury that caused a spinal misalignment that has cause essential nerves to “shut down” or function at a diminished capacity. When this happens, all sorts of health-related issues may result, including bedwetting.

Chiropractors do not only deal with back and neck pain – this is a common belief worldwide. They deal with nerves and they receive graduate education to be able to locate and correct spinal misalignments that may be interfering with normal nerve function. Once this interference is removed, your body begins to function and to heal naturally, without any drugs or surgeries that could potentially have serious side effects and consequences.

Your bedwetting child can’t call one of our conveniently located sponsors, but we’re sure that he or she wants you to call one of them. Your child is hurting, whether you realize it or not, and missing out on so many of the social opportunities that other kids enjoy, such as sleepovers and camping trips. You can wait until your child outgrows bedwetting, or you can take action today to try to stop bedwetting for good in your home. Although they can’t guarantee results, our sponsors can tell you about specific studies and specific patients of theirs that have stayed dry as a result of chiropractic care. And…that certainly is something to be hopeful about, for your child and for you.

Do you want to hear what other parents have experienced after bringing their bedwetting children in for chiropractic care? Listen to their stories, and then make the call…and watch your child change, right in front of your eyes!

Click here for a Choose Natural sponsor in your area.

Parents will usually try just about anything to stop bedwetting in their homes. Do you really believe that you have tried everything? Then try one more solution, gentle, effective and safe all-natural chiropractic care, and dry those tears and that bed!

What NOT to Do to Stop Your Child’s Bedwetting!

Bedwetting takes an emotion toll on bedwetting childrenand their parents. Many children who wet their beds are actually afraid to go to bed, afraid to fall asleep, because it might happen again.As a parent, especially one who might have been a bedwetter, you want to be supportive and comforting, but night after night of waking to a soaking wet child and bed can certainly lead to frustration and hopelessness.

However, under no circumstances, should you ever:


    1. Scold your bedwetting child. It’s not his or her fault – do you really believe they do this on purpose for attention?
    2. Punish your child or take away something they like to do because they have wet the bed.
    3. Spank your child or use physical force out of anger or frustration. Remember, you are the parent and need to maintain a sense of calmness and self-control.


Your bedwetting child is already affected emotionally because he or she is different from other children who aren’t bedwetters. Using harsh words or punishments or causing physical harm only makes your child more fearful and more ashamed and… it could actually prolong the bedwetting.

Be patient and consult one of the sponsors of who can re-establish your hope and offer your child a solution that may finally stop bedding for good!

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