Teen Bedwetting: Stay Dry With A Natural Approach

Teen Bedwetting – Embarrassment and Shame

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Your teen doesn’t have to suffer the trauma of teen bedwetting – Not when there’s an all-natural solution that can help your teen stay dry.

Your teen is a bedwetter. Welcome to the club – you are definitely not alone and your teen wants help even more than you do. Bedwetting affects your teen’s social development and emotional well-being. It’s secretive, it’s private, it’s embarrassing and it’s traumatic. Teen bedwetting causes a lot of misery and unhappiness.

If you were a bedwetting teenager, wouldn’t you want it to stop too? Did you know that there is an-all natural solution available that has the potential to end your teen’s bedwetting for good? It’s available from the sponsors of ChooseNatural.com and it’s safe, unlike many of the drugs you may have tried as bedwetting cures.

Interested? Then please read on…

Teen Bedwetting: The Agony and the Defeat

What could be more painful than sitting on the sidelines while your friends enjoy sleepovers and summer camps? How many excuses can you give to keep from having others discover your secret – you’re a teenage bedwetter?

For your bedwetting teen, the shame is overwhelming and the loneliness is real. It’s no fun to be on the outside, looking in, watching your friends enjoy normal group social activities and sleepovers while you remain home alone because you’re a teenage bedwetter. The stigma is overwhelming, but not as bad as the fear that someone, especially a peer, will find out and then everyone will know.

What could possibly be worse for your bedwetting teen?

Teen Bedwetting Causes

Your bedwetting teen is not alone. There are plenty of others out there, also suffering in silence. In fact, 1-2 teenagers out of a hundred still wet the bed. As a parent, you can’t understand the problem and you don’t know what to do or how to help your teen to stop bedwetting. You don’t even know what causes it in the first place!

Your teen may still wet the bed because:

  • You wet the bed yourself – as with many conditions, there is a genetic link.
  • Your teenager is a deep sleeper; he or she isn’t lazy and they don’t wet the bed “on purpose.”
  • Your teenager may not produce an adequate amount of ADH, the anti-diuretic hormone that tells the kidneys to shut down urine production at night.
  • Your teen has a smaller bladder and he or she cannot go all night without using the bathroom, or he or she may experience muscle spasms that cause urine to leak.
  • Your teen is in some type of emotional distress. Have you recently divorced or relocated, with a change in schools? Has he or she recently experienced the death of a close family member or friend?
  • Has you had your teen checked for any other medical condition, such as a bladder infection, diabetes or ADHD?
  • Is your teen a boy? Bedwetting boys outnumber bedwetting girls 2:1.

Teenage Bedwetting – What Have You Tried?

What kind of solutions have you already tried in an attempt to stop the bedwetting? How have they worked out? You have to admit, you wouldn’t be reading this article if your teenager was no longer wetting the bed at night.

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What wouldn’t you do to help your teenage bedwetter? If what you’ve tried hasn’t worked, then try one more thing – an all-natural solution that does!

Many parents try bedwetting alarms, bedwetting diapers, dietary management, elimination of fluids at night and waking their teen before going to bed themselves. Some parents even try medications that can have some very serious side effects. Nothing has worked so far and your teen is going deeper and deeper into self-imposed hiding to keep from having their secret exposed.

What if you knew about a solution that was all-natural and safe. A solution that has helped many teenage bedwetters finally to stay dry? Would you try it?

Of course you would – you’d do anything to save your child from the misery of teen bedwetting.

Well, there is such a solution and it works!

Teen Bedwetting Relief, with Natural and Safe Chiropractic Care

All of the sponsors of ChooseNatural.com are compassionate healthcare professionals who recognize the shame and embarrassment that teenage bedwetters experience. They’ve dealt with it before, many times, and they know just how to establish a relationship of mutual trust and confidence with your bedwetting teen, without embarrassing him or her and without imposing any guilt.

Listings of participating chiropractors in Marietta.

Although our sponsoring chiropractors can’t promise you absolute results, many have been able to help their teenage patients to stop bedwetting altogether or at least to decrease the number of bedwetting episodes, resulting in more dry nights.

Many health-related conditions are the result of a spinal misalignment that may have occurred in a fall, an accident or an injury. Spinal misalignments can interfere with normal nerve function, causing all sorts of health problems, including bedwetting.

These parents of bedwetting teens, along with the teens themselves, ought to provide you with the necessary proof you need to understand that chiropractic care is effective in helping to stop bedwetting – and motivate you to call one of our sponsors today to help your teen stop bedwetting for good!

Chiropractors have acquired the necessary skills, through years of advanced education, to locate and correct these spinal misalignments, which returns the nerves to their normal functioning. Chiropractors don’t “cure” anything. The patient’s own body does the healing when the misalignment is corrected, returning the nerves to their normal healthy state.

Research into the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments on bedwetters shows promising results – results that are certainly worthy of further study.

Please listen to the testimonials of parents and former teen bedwetters who have found relief in all-natural chiropractic care. Then click here for a Choose Natural sponsor in your area.

A Former Teen Bedwetter’s Own Story
For as long as I can remember, I wet the bed. Sometimes it happened many nights in a row; other times there would be a few dry nights and I’d breathe a sigh of relief – maybe the nightmare was finally over. But, it never was.I couldn’t join the Boy Scouts because they had sleep away camping trips and I’d be afraid to fall asleep, or if I did – what would happen if I wet my sleeping bag?

Kids at school often steered clear of me because they said I smelled. I had very few friends, my grades were mediocre and I spent most of my time in my room.

My parents thought I was lazy at first, but the pediatrician told them that bedwetting in boys especially was more common than they realized and that most children eventually outgrew it. I didn’t.

Then my parents bought a bedwetting alarm, It worked for awhile, but soon after, I was sleeping through that as well…and wetting the bed.

I was depressed, alone and lonely. There were times I wondered how I could even go on if this was going to be my life. Guys my age were supposed to be dating and having fun. Most of them were, but not me.

Finally, my mother saw an article on chiropractic care for bedwetters. After trying everything else, including oversized diapers that I refused to wear, she took me to see Dr. Joe.

Dr. Joe asked me if I remembered having any serious falls or injuries. I didn’t but my Mom did. I had fallen off the bed numerous times as a baby and my Dad had me in the car when he had an accident – I was only a year old, so, of course, I didn’t remember it.

Dr. Joe explained that falls, accidents and injuries could cause misalignments in your spine and that these misalignments sure could mess up your central nervous system, leaving you wide open for disease and other conditions. He said that those falls and that accident might be the cause of my bedwetting. Wow…finally a reason!

After only two adjustments, I started to notice a change. I wasn’t wetting the bed as frequently. Maybe chiropractic really was the answer to my prayers!

Six months later, I am no longer a bedwetting teen. I feel more confident and my whole outlook has changed. My only regret is that my Mom didn’t discovered this solution sooner. I hope this helps another bedwetting teen realize that there is an answer, and it’s inside of you. You just need a chiropractor to help you unlock the door to true health!

International, Bangalore Chiropractor, Dr. Sonya Anson has also reported amazing results with teenage girls from a local orphanage responding to chiropractic care to resolve chronic bedwetting problems.

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