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Been There. Done That.

If you’ve been to a chiropractor before, one of two things probably happened.
Not all chiropractors are the same.
Either you had a positive experience and it wasn’t explained how chiropractic may be helpful for a wide variety of health issues. Or you had a negative experience.

Let’s start there.

Not All Chiropractors Are the Same

Chances are, if you were to have a negative experience with a dentist, you wouldn’t give up on dentistry. You’d go find yourself a better dentist!

Same with chiropractic.

Chiropractic is far too helpful to simply write off an entire discipline because of a single negative experience with a chiropractor you didn’t connect with.

There are four aspects of a good match:

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The nervous system controls and regulates every function of the human body.

1. The Science of Chiropractic

Virtually all chiropractors recognize the scientific truth that the nervous system controls and regulates every function of the human body.

Each chiropractor uses a different set of diagnostics to determine the location and severity of nerve interference. Some use a highly developed sense of touch. Some use X-ray analysis. Others use orthopedic and neurological tests. Still others use surface electromyography or other high-tech tools.

Regardless of the preferred testing regime, most chiropractic patients remark that their chiropractic examination was among the most thorough they’ve ever had.

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2. The Philosophy of Chiropractic

Light bulb perpetual motion image
Your nervous system controls every cell, tissue, organ and system of your body.
Unlike traditional medical treatment, chiropractic has a “big picture” component.

At one end of the spectrum are chiropractors who see chiropractic as a form of “physical medicine.” They tend to view chiropractic care from primarily a structural and joint function perspective. They tend to have busy practices filled with delighted patients.

At the other end of the spectrum are chiropractors who see the neurological and whole-body effects of spinal problems. They trace most health issues back to nervous system interference caused by the spine. They too have busy practices filled with delighted patients.

The key is to choose a chiropractor who has great clarity about their scope of practice and can explain it clearly to you.

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3. The Art of Chiropractic

The Art of Chiropractic
There’s nothing quite as wonderful as a masterfully delivered chiropractic adjustment!
The “art” of chiropractic refers to the many ways to adjust the spine. Over a hundred different named techniques are used by chiropractors around the world. The approach each chiropractor uses is a matter of personal preference, proficiency and clinical choice.

The majority of chiropractors use their hands to apply the precise thrust used to restore better biomechanics and nervous system integrity. Sometimes these techniques can create a “popping” sound as gas and fluid shift in the joint.

There are a growing number of chiropractors who use instruments to direct a specific and repeatable force to the right place on the spine. These approaches rarely produce the sound that is commonly accompanies the by-hand adjustments. There are even computer-assisted devices that gently tap the bone back into a healthier alignment.

Which approach would you prefer?

So there isn’t a “right” way to adjust the spine. If a previous chiropractor lacked an artistic touch, keep looking. There’s nothing quite as wonderful as a masterfully delivered chiropractic adjustment!

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4. The Personality of the Chiropractor

Your chiropractor will take a real interest in you, your health habits and goals you have for your care.
Chiropractic care is personal. Unlike medical doctors, your chiropractor actually touches you, provides direction and coaches you to better health. He or she takes a real interest in you, your health habits and the goals you have for your care.

Naturally, his or her personality and communication skill are crucial components.

Remember, chiropractors can be a rebellious bunch. After all, they’ve chose a very unique profession, usually forsaking traditional medicine in favor of a drug-free approach that honors the inborn wisdom of the body.

Plus, they tend to really care. Sometimes they care about your health more than you do! This can inadvertently create misunderstandings. If that was your experience, don’t take it personally. They just want the very best for you.

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