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Natural Carpal Tunnel Treatment & Pain Relief

Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms generally begin with tingling or numbness in the palm of the hand or fingers and often quickly escalate to include a burning sensation, shooting pains in the arm and weakness in the hand that can cause you to drop things and be unable to do your job. As if the pain wasn’t enough, the inability to click a mouse, hold your fork or pick up your child makes life frustrating and depressing. Like other carpal tunnel sufferers, you’ve probably tried everything from rearranging your workstation to anti-inflammatory medications to immobilizing the joint with carpal tunnel braces or carpal tunnel exercises with no results except increased frustration.

You may even know people who have had carpal tunnel release surgery (CTR) – over 200, 000 people in the U.S. have the surgery every year, most of them women – and you know that most of them experience a return of symptoms with a few years of surgery. But now more and more people are getting better relief from carpal tunnel symptoms with an all-natural approach to carpal tunnel treatment that doesn’t include surgery or drugs… or their side effects. Learn how!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Cause and Effect

The wrist is surrounded by a supportive band of ligaments; the narrow space between the wrist and this supportive band is the carpal tunnel. The median nerve runs from the arm through the tunnel to the thumb, index and middle fingers. When something occurs that causes the band to swell, the space within the tunnel diminishes and the band exerts pressure directly the median nerve. Pressure and irritation of the nerve results in tingling and numbness in the thumb and first two fingers. If left untreated, carpal tunnel syndrome can cause wasting away of the affected muscles, particularly those at the base of the thumb. Even before this extreme, however, the burning pain can be debilitating, keeping you awake all night and making you miserable all day.

Carpal tunnel treatmentBut what causes the swelling within the band in the first place? It could be any number of things: pregnancy, obesity, diseases such as arthritis or diabetes, trauma or repetitive stress which results from performing repetitive maneuvers with the hands (like typing for long periods of time or using vibrating tools such as jackhammers, for example) have been shown to contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Still, most people disregard “the big picture” when it comes to the cause of carpal tunnel symptoms.

The Big Picture

Your wrist and the band surrounding it contain many tiny bones, and if one or more of these bones becomes misaligned, it can irritate the tissues, causing the swelling that exerts pressure on the median nerve. What’s more, a misalignment further up the arm, in the neck or even in the upper spine can be the initial “culprit”, creating a domino effect of misalignments down the arm, compromising function all the way into the wrist and hand, resulting in the painful burning sensation and weakness associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. The problem is complex, but the solution is simple!

Carpal Tunnel Treatments

Depending on the severity of the carpal tunnel symptoms, a carpal tunnel treatment often includes one or more of the following:

• Over-the-counter drugs
• Prescription medications
Splints or braces

Unfortunately, none of these carpal tunnel treatments addresses the underlying cause of carpal tunnel syndrome, and none of them provides permanent relief from the pain and disability it causes. In fact, even after a “successful” surgery, many patients experience a return of their symptoms within two years – simply because the surgery treats only the symptoms, not the underlying cause of the problem.

Fortunately, there is a safe, all-natural solution that alleviates the painful symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome while correcting the underlying problem.

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Natural Healing

Rather than using drugs or surgery to treat symptoms, chiropractic works with the body’s own natural healing abilities to restore optimal health and function. Carpal tunnel relief may seem outside the scope of chiropractic, but it’s actually right up a chiropractor’s alley! Read on to discover why.

Because the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome frequently return despite surgery and drug therapies, many insurance companies now require patients to try natural approaches first. And chiropractic is the most popular natural health care approach in the world. Far from the image put forth by skeptics, chiropractors are highly educated, licensed health-care practitioners recognized by state and federal governments, as well as most insurance companies. Chiropractors focus on healing rather than on simply treating.

Our sponsors are all caring doctors committed to getting to the root of the problem. They care about you and will ask you many questions – and actually take the time to listen to your answers – so they thoroughly understand what’s happening physically, as well as the emotional toll your persistent pain is causing.

The chiropractor will conduct a complete examination to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for chiropractic care, then he or she will explain the results of this exam to you and recommend a plan of action designed to address the underlying cause of your carpal tunnel syndrome.

Get Carpal Tunnel Relief – Now!

The sponsors of this public information site have excellent results with carpal tunnel syndrome – though of course, we can’t guarantee any specific outcome – and chiropractic patients are thrilled to find relief from the pain, burning and weakness in their hands and fingers, and even more thrilled when the pain doesn’t return as it often does with other so-called “cures.” The high success rate of this totally safe and natural approach is what makes chiropractic such a popular alternative healing method.

Try this natural path for healing. Chiropractic is a natural solution that addresses your carpal tunnel syndrome at its source, rather than just temporarily alleviating its symptoms – and isn’t that just what you’ve been looking for? So don’t let the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome keep you from doing the things you love for one more day! Pick up the phone and give one of our sponsoring chiropractors a call – there’s sure to be one near your home or office. Click here for a Choose Natural sponsor in your area.

Before You Schedule Surgery…

Just because a doctor says a surgery is “routine” doesn’t mean it’s routine for you! Chiropractic is totally safe and non-invasive. Before you schedule surgery, consider these facts about carpal tunnel release (CTR) surgery:

PROCEDURE Through an incision in the wrist, the carpal tunnel ligament is severed, releasing the pressure on the median nerve.
COST Cost of carpal tunnel surgery and post-op rehabilitation ranges from $5, 000 to $10, 000.
DOWNTIME Downtime and rehabilitation can take six weeks to three months, depending on scar tissue formation within the severed ligament.
COMPLICATIONS In some cases, scar tissue results in even more narrowing within the carpal tunnel, causing an increase in pain and numbness. More commonly, people experience a permanent loss of grip strength and range of motion after surgery. It is not uncommon for full carpal tunnel symptoms return within two years of the surgery.
SUCCESS RATE Full restoration is achieved in slightly over half of surgeries.

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