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Natural Carpal Tunnel Relief

Carpal tunnel relief may seem out of reach image
Have you reached your wit’s end in your search for carpal tunnel syndrome relief? It’s not surprising. Carpal tunnel symptoms – the numbness, burning, weakness and never-ending pain in your fingers, hand, wrist and arm – are bad enough, but trying every different carpal tunnel treatment option that comes along only to be disappointed time and time again can be even worse. If there was a way to get effective, lasting relief for carpal tunnel pain and numbness, would you want to learn about it? Well, keep reading because there is!

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel

We don’t have to tell you the symptoms, because you live with them 24/7. But you might not know what causes the symptoms. Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms arise when the median nerve – the nerve running down your arm, through your hand and into your thumb and fingers (excluding your “pinky” finger) – becomes compromised. Tissue in the band of ligaments surrounding your wrist bones becomes inflamed and swells, narrowing the tunnel between the wrist and ligaments (the carpal tunnel) and pressing on the median nerve.

Carpal Tunnel Relief – As Elusive as Eternal Youth?

Traditional medical approaches – some of which you may have already tried – typically consist of one or more of the following:

It’s a varied list, including some drug-free, non-invasive techniques, and yet all of these traditional approaches to relieving carpal tunnel syndrome have one thing in common: they treat the symptoms, not the causes of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Why is that such a problem? Well, imagine that you get in your car to drive to work, only to discover you have a flat tire. You can easily fix the symptom by re-inflating the tire. But if you don’t address the cause of the problem by finding the nail and patching the hole, the symptom will soon return.

If you’ve been searching for carpal tunnel relief, only to have the symptoms return or even worsen, take heart: a safe, all-natural approach to relieving carpal tunnel symptoms by addressing the cause of the problem truly does exist!

Try Natural First

Relief from carpal tunnel flat tire image

With carpal tunnel syndrome, the underlying cause may not be as easy to pinpoint as the nail in your flat tire, but it can be done. Misalignments of bones in your upper back, neck, and arms – and, of course, your wrist – all contribute to your carpal tunnel symptoms. By identifying and correcting these issues, inflammation eases, pressure on the median nerve is relieved and symptoms are eliminated. When the underlying cause is effectively addressed, carpal tunnel relief is lasting.

Instead of trying yet another carpal tunnel treatment focused exclusively on symptoms, why not visit one of our chiropractors and get lasting carpal tunnel relief NOW? You have nothing to lose except the pain in your hand!

Carpal Tunnel Healing That Lasts

When you visit one of our sponsoring chiropractors, you’ll be joining a growing group of highly satisfied patients. Chiropractic has doubled in popularity over the past 20 years because people have turned to alternative health care approaches (of which chiropractic is the most popular) to achieve the results that mainstream medicine fails to deliver. There’s nothing mysterious about chiropractic: It’s a scientific approach to healing that’s recognized by the federal government, licensed by the fifty states, approved by most insurance companies and provided by highly-educated, compassionate individuals whose goal is to offer effective, lasting results.

What you can expect when you consult one of our sponsors is a caring doctor who pays close attention as you answer a series of questions to determine if chiropractic is the right approach for you. Assuming it is, the next step will be a comprehensive examination. Your doctor will go over the findings with you and detail a plan of action created to address your specific areas of misalignment. Targeted chiropractic adjustments will then be delivered to these areas to help restore correct alignment and return normal function to the median nerve, providing the carpal tunnel relief you’ve been looking for. Of course, our sponsors cannot guarantee specific results. But we enjoy an excellent success rate with carpal tunnel, and our patients are delighted with our safe, natural results.

You wouldn’t just re-inflate that flat tire, so don’t just treat the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome! Make an appointment with one of our sponsoring chiropractors today to get to the root of the problem – and finally get the carpal tunnel syndrome relief you need.

Don’t Just Re-Inflate the Tire…

By ignoring the underlying reason for carpal tunnel syndrome, traditional approaches offer only temporary relief of symptoms:

Treatment What It Does
Surgery Severs the transverse carpal ligament to relieve pressure on the median nerve. Requires weeks to months of downtime and rehab. Success is achieved in slightly over half of surgeries; symptoms often return or worsen in two years or less. Structural cause of carpal tunnel is not addressed.
Anti-Inflammatory Medication May offer temporary reduction of inflammation and pain. Possible serious side effects including heart attack or stroke. Structural cause of carpal tunnel is not addressed.
Corticosteroids May offer temporary reduction of inflammation and pain. Possible serious side effects including injection site infection, worsening of pain, muscle and ligament weakening. Structural cause of carpal tunnel is not addressed.
Exercise Offered as a natural, drug-free approach. Often increases swelling in the wrist joint, further irritating the median nerve and increasing symptoms. Structural cause of carpal tunnel is not addressed.
Braces Offered as a natural, drug-free approach. Completely immobilizing the wrist can create stiffness and increase weakness. Structural cause of carpal tunnel is not addressed.


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