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Category Archives: ADHD

Time for a TV Fast!

Have you noticed changes in your children’s personalities – increased irritability, impatience, even hostility? Or have you seen these issues  in yourself? Do you notice that time seems to slip away from you? Has the contentment and peace you once enjoyed vanished? Consider the amount of time you and your family spend ingesting the output […]

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ADD/ADHD: Is It Real?

The ADD/ADHD diagnosis is controversial at best, or a sham to get lots of kids on medication for typical childhood behaviors at worst! The symptoms of ADD/ADHD include inattention, impulsivity, hyperactivity, and behaviors such as difficulty waiting one’s turn, easy distractibility, inability to focus, restlessness, difficulty following directions. Gee, these seem like relatively normal behaviors […]

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Listening to Your Body

Many of us in the health care field have discovered the positive effects of biofeedback. This tool to enhance one’s “body awareness” can help with issues of chemical dependency, ADD/ADHD, chronic pain, migraine and tension headaches, incontinence, anxiety, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma and many other conditions. When it’s utilized in combination with chiropractic care, […]

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Food Allergies

You eat strawberries. Hives. You eat shellfish. Your throat starts to close and you can’t breathe. You eat nuts. Your lips and tongue start to swell. You obviously are suffering from food allergies. Is there anything can you do to prevent them? Food allergies are the result of the immune system’s inability to detect what […]

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Amusing Yourself to Death?

What would happen if you trashed every television in your house? Or hid the remotes? Or secretly disconnected the cable? Would panic and pandemonium result? As a rule, we live very sedentary lifestyles, spending far too much time wasting away in front of the television set, amusing ourselves to death. Marilyn Vos Savant, who holds […]

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10 Reasons NOT to Eat Sugar!

Sugar, in its many forms, is an increasingly common ingredient in processed foods. Many of us eat the equivalent of 53 heaping teaspoons of white sugar every day! Many experts now agree that reducing sugar intake is an essential ingredient for natural health. Here are ten reasons to avoid refined (white) sugar: Sugar contributes to […]

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Natural Approaches For ADHD

Character traits associated with ADHD/ADD include a chronic history of having a short attention span, being easily distracted, impulsivity, moderate to severe hyperactivity, minor neurological signs, abnormal EEG, impaired ability to learn… sounds like most normal children/teenagers! Aren’t they all easily distracted and impulsive? Yet, even though there is no single comprehensive test to diagnose […]

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