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Category Archives: Natural Health

Do Women Really Experience More Neck Pain than Men?

Most people around the world know how frustrating neck pain can be, making the age-old saying “pain in the neck” so relatable. Just last month, a new study presented by Loyola University set out to learn more about neck pain and answer the question: Do women experience more neck pain than men? The Study In […]

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What’s Really Causing Your Back Pain?

When back pain happens to you, it’s a far cry from enjoyable. And while no one likes to experience it, the pain itself is actually quite common. In fact, nearly every adult in the world has experienced back pain at some point during his or her life. But in many cases, back pain doesn’t actually […]

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What Are Muscle Spasms?

You reach for an item on the top shelf of the cupboard and your back wrenches in pain as a muscle goes into spasm. The pain is excruciating and you can barely move. How could something as simple as reaching for a towel produce such pain? The answer is – it didn’t. Reaching for the towel […]

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Lower Back Pain, Your Workplace & Quality Of Life

It is commonly accepted among experts that lower back pain is related to prolonged sitting. Let’s face it, as a nation we spend plenty of time during our day doing that. We sit in the car We sit most of the day at work We sit watching television after our workday It seems that the […]

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Do Your Batteries Need a Recharge?

A man had experienced weight gain and low energy for about three years, but since he was in his 50s he was told by his physician that was normal. But when his legs began to ache, his hair fell out, his libido waned and he experienced shortness of breath and an irregular heartbeat, he began […]

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Shock Discovery…Spinal Degeneration Found in 10 Year Old Children

According to a new discovery, 9% of children are showing signs of low back disc degeneration by the age of 10! Probably the most alarming fact of all in this study is actually in what they didn’t check! Out of the 23 discs residing in the spine, only the five lower back discs were checked. […]

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Straighten Up! Good Posture Matters

If you ever experience tension or pain across the upper back or shoulder blades, get frequent headaches, have low back pain or have poorly flexible and tight leg muscles, you probably have poor posture. Poor posture shifts the body weight unevenly to some muscles, making them chronically tight and sore, while others get weak from […]

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Scoliosis Relief Without Surgery!

Scoliosis can be a debilitating, even crippling condition. Most often caused by the loss of the normal physiologic curves, the body seeks to alleviate the resulting stress on the spinal cord by developing abnormal sideways curves. Those abnormal curves cause abnormal mechanics in the spine and musculature, wearing out joints and discs prematurely – eventually […]

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Anxiety: Garbage In – Garbage Out

The power of your nervous system! Homeostasis, balance, control… health? Why is the importance of your “Master System” mostly ignored by the medical profession when it comes to any dis-ease? I had a new patient a few weeks ago come into me for neck and shoulder pain. He is in his early thirties, and has […]

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Chiropractic Common Sense – Sitting is Killing Us!

Last week I answered a question about flu shots posed by Emily. To me, and my profession, my thoughts are just common sense. It seems there are frequently stories in the news that are expressed as new enlightenment, when they are really nothing more than common sense. On Friday night’s episode of NBC’s Rock Center […]

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