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Colic Relief: Discover A Safe and Natural Colic Remedy

Colic Relief Baby Picture

Colic relief can’t come soon enough for the parents of a baby with infant colic. Unfortunately, many of the available colic remedies are either ineffective or loaded with frightening and potentially dangerous side effects.
Fortunately, gentle colic relief is readily available and the sponsors of can provide a safe and natural solution that can relieve your baby’s colic symptoms for good!

Colic Relief Solutions

If you’re the parent or caregiver of an infant with colic, you know the helplessness you feel each time your baby suffers from an infant colic episode. You’ve tried all the suggestions – rocking the baby, feeding more, feeding less, taking the baby for a ride in the car or a carriage, placing the baby in an infant seat on top of the clothes dryer, running the vacuum, white noise, soft music, low lighting, noise reduction – and yet, the crying continues.

Your baby’s medical doctor may have suggested prescription or over-the-counter medications to help you deal with the colic and to ease your baby’s pain, but you’re afraid of prescription side effects and over-the-counter drops and “potions” haven’t helped at all.

There is a natural solution. Read on…

Colic Relief – The Natural Approach

Many parents of babies with infant colic are wary of some of the traditional medical approaches to treat colic because they fear the possible side effects of certain medications. And rightfully so. If you have a choice between a pharmaceutical solution and a natural solution for colic relief, why wouldn’t you choose the natural approach? After all, it’s certainly safer and more effective than many of the controversial alternatives!

The sponsors of are highly skilled chiropractors who receive years of specialized training so that they can provide natural colic relief to your baby with infant colic.

While many folks, including you, may still believe that chiropractors deal only with pain in the back and neck, this simply isn’t true. In fact, they help many people – infants, children, adolescents, teenagers and adults – to discover the healing abilities of their own bodies after any nerve interference that prohibits natural healing is located and removed.

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Many infants with colic suffer from nerve interference because of the birth process itself. During delivery, a great deal of pressure may be exerted on an infant’s fragile neck and spine. If any type of delivery assistance, including forceps, is used, the pressure can be so great that it causes the spine to become misaligned and the misplaced bones interrupt normal nerve function to many different parts of the body.

Although there is a great deal of debate regarding the causes of colic, many colicky babies who receive chiropractic care soon find relief from their colic symptoms, as do their very grateful parents.

Colic Relief With Chiropractic Care

Sure it may sound strange at first, and maybe you’re apprehensive about one of our sponsors talking to you about a natural chiropractic approach to relieve your baby’s colic. But rest assured, our sponsors are highly trained and skilled practitioners who are able to provide natural solutions for many different health care challenges, including infant colic.

Call one of the conveniently located sponsors to discuss your baby’s colic and get your questions answered. They, along with many of their patients, can provide the reassurance you need to seek the natural chiropractic alternative for your baby’s colic relief.

Better yet, see what other parents of infants who once suffered with baby colic have to say by watching the video.

Colic Relief, So Simple and Yet So Effective

You’re cranky, tired and irritable because your baby is in pain and won’t stop crying. Don’t you think you owe it to yourself and your baby to try one more approach – especially one that is simple, safe and natural?

Discover the healing power of chiropractic care. Take the first step toward colic relief by calling one of our sponsoring chiropractors to discuss your baby and how chiropractic care may be just the answer you’re looking for!

What Not to Do with Your Colicky Infant!
While you may receive many suggestions from caring friends, family and your baby’s doctor about what to try for colic relief, some solutions are definitely not an option:

• Never shake a crying baby, ever, no matter how frustrated and out-of-control you feel. Shaking a baby can cause permanent brain injury and even death. Put the baby down in a safe place and take a walk, call a friend, or do something for yourself until you feel in control again.
• Do not blame yourself for your baby’s colic. It is not your fault; you didn’t cause it, you’re not incompetent and you certainly are not a bad parent because your baby has infant colic.
• Do not lose your sanity. Keep in mind that “This too shall pass, ” and the colic will end. Invest in a good babysitter or alternate caregiver and take care of you!

Dealing with the daily frustration and heartbreak of baby colic is difficult at best. Find some supportive friends and family members, especially those who have had a colicky baby, who can help you, or at least listen while you vent! Infant colic will soon end, and you’ll discover the happy contented child that your baby really is!


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