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Colic Symptoms: Is Colic the Cause of My Baby’s Crying?

Your baby cries quite a bit more than other babies you know. You’ve tried all kinds of ways to soothe him or her, but nothing seems to work – the crying continues. What could be the problem? How do you know if your baby has colic or if it’s something else? What are the symptoms of colic?

Colic Symptoms: How Can I Tell if My Baby has Colic?

Colic symptoms include constant crying image

Your baby is crying uncontrollably and all the time it seems. Nothing you do, or don’t do, seems to matter. You change diapers frequently, follow the proper feeding schedule, breastfeed and cradle. What’s wrong and how can you tell if your baby has colic?

Some pediatricians will tell you that if you wonder whether your baby has colic, he or she probably doesn’t. Babies with colic usually follow what is known as “The Rule of Threes.”

    • Begin at about three weeks of age
    • Usually last at least three hours each day
    • Occur at least three days a week
    • Continue to occur for a least three weeks
    • Generally don’t last longer than three months

While it may not seem like a “long time, ” the time period between three weeks and three months can be endless for the parents and caregivers of a colicky baby.

So what can you do if you don’t want to use drugs to treat your baby’s colic because you fear potential side effects? Do you resign yourself to just living with the situation, hoping it really will end at three months? And, what if it doesn’t?

Would you consider a natural approach to deal with your baby’s colic if you knew there was one? Then keep reading…

Colic Relief…Naturally

What if a friend suggested that you take your colicky baby to a chiropractor? Would you stare at her as if she were crazy? Chiropractors take care of bad backs, what could one possibly do for your baby? Just hang in here a little bit longer…

Many babies experience severe trauma during the birth process. Twisting and pulling on a newborn’s neck can cause the baby’s spine to become misaligned. If a vacuum extraction, forceps or C-Section are involved, even more pressure is applied.

When your baby experiences this kind of spinal trauma, the nerves that control all of the baby’s vital body functions may become compromised, causing extreme distress that may result in a digestive or nervous systems malfunction.

The sponsors of receive years of specialized training to be able to locate and correct spinal misalignments that cause dis-ease in babies, children, teenagers, and adults. Until these misalignments are corrected, your baby might appear to be healthy, but his or her nervous system may be severely compromised.

Chiropractic Care for Colic is Safe

When you consult one of the sponsors of, you will encounter a gentle and caring professional who understands your frustration and your baby’s pain, a health care professional who can offer a solution that’s safe and natural. Can you say that about medications that might be prescribed for your colicky baby? Just one look at their long lists of undesirable and potentially harmful side effects should answer that question.

Locate chiropractors in Louisville, KY ready to help you.

When you take your baby to see a sponsoring chiropractor, he or she will give your baby a thorough examination and ask you for details about your pregnancy, your baby’s birth and your baby’s health history since birth. This helps to determine the possibility that a spinal misalignment might have occurred at some point and is possibly contributing to your baby’s colic.

When it comes to the actual chiropractic adjustment, relax. Know that very little pressure is used to adjust your baby’s neck and spine. And…the results of these gentle adjustments can produce a profound improvement to your baby’s colic!

Finally…Natural Colic Relief for Your Baby and For You!

If you believe that you’ve done all you can for your baby, if you’re tired, frustrated and ready to give up, if you feel you just can’t take another day of your baby’s constant crying, then pick up the phone and call one of our sponsoring chiropractors today. Click here for a Choose Natural sponsor in your area.

We can’t guarantee that your baby will find relief, but we can tell you that chiropractic has shown impressive results in numerous research studies. So please…don’t throw in the towel just yet; try a different approach that provides completely natural relief for babies with colic.

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