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Cures for Colic: An All-Natural Solution that Works!

Cures for Colic Parents with Baby Image

A new baby! How wonderful for you, except if your baby suddenly begins to display all the signs and symptoms of infant colic.

It is estimated that as many as 25% of all infants develop colic, usually around two to three weeks after birth. For the parents of a baby with colic, what should be a time of great joy suddenly turns into the daily struggle of dealing with their infant’s constant crying, with little or no relief in sight.

Although the causes of colic are highly debated, with little agreement among medical professionals, there are certain colic remedies that you can try at home to try to ease your baby’s discomfort.

Cures for Colic: Helpful Home Remedies

If you have the unfortunate “luck” to have an infant with colic, you’ve probably received countless  suggestions from everyone you know on ways to provide colic relief for your baby.

Here is a home colic remedy, known as the “Five S’s, ” that when used together can usually provide some degree of temporary relief for your baby’s colic symptoms:

  • Swaddling – Place your baby’s arms down by his or her sides and wrap your baby tightly in a fleece blanket that has been warmed in the clothes dryer for a few minutes.
  • Side/Stomach – Lay your baby on his or her side or stomach, but never leave your baby in the stomach position to sleep as this could increase your baby’s risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
  • Sshhhh Sounds – When a baby is in the womb, he or she becomes very familiar with the sound of the mother’s blood whooshing through her arteries. Creating this same type of “white noise” with a vacuum, fan, clothes dryer, dishwasher or “white noise” CD simulates that same sound and it can be comforting to your baby.
  • Swinging – An infant swing, a hammock, a baby carry all, or a ride in the car or carriage all aim to relax and quiet your baby.
  • Sucking – Sucking is a normal infant reflux that often soothes a cranky baby. Offering an infant with baby colic a pacifier, a finger, a bottle or the breast, in conjunction with the other four S’s, can soothe even the crankiest infant!

While the Five S’s may work to provide some temporary relief for your infant’s colic, they merely treat the symptoms of colic without addressing the underlying cause. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, and one that is completely harmless and natural…then read on!

A Cure for Colic That’s Natural and Long-Lasting!

An all-natural approach to infant colic, that addresses the probable cause of your baby’s distress and not only symptoms, already does exist.

Our sponsors at are kind, caring and highly trained chiropractics who know just how unnerving living with infant colic on a daily basis can be. These health care professionals are skilled at uncovering the cause of your baby’s colic; they don’t simply address colic symptoms in a feeble attempt to make your baby feel better.

As your baby was being delivered at birth, he or she passed through your birth canal where a great deal of pressure was exerted on his or her fragile neck and spine. This pressure resulted from all the pulling and twisting of his or her head, neck and spine. If forceps or a vacuum extraction were used, that meant additional pressure, pressure that could have caused a misalignment in your baby’s spine.

Find practicing chiropractors in Charlotte.

Our sponsors receive years of post-graduate training that allows them to quickly locate and gently correct spinal misalignments that can interfere with proper nervous system functioning and that may cause many different conditions and diseases, including baby colic!

A Cure for Colic from a Chiropractor?

While it may be difficult to wrap your head around taking your baby to a chiropractor for baby colic, we can tell you that many parents just like you felt the same way, and now…they are our best advocates.

If you don’t believe that, then turn up your volume and just listen to them…

Colic Cure image

Our sponsors are dedicated to helping others discover the natural healing power of our bodies, no matter how old you are. They will listen to your experience with baby colic and offer you a solution that has worked with many other infant colic sufferers (and their worn-out parents) in the past. They can provide you with first-hand testimonials from satisfied and relieved parents of colicky infants.

Please call one of our chiropractic sponsors today and be sure to ask many questions about the results of gentle and safe chiropractic care on infant colic. We’re willing to bet that you will set up an immediate appointment to have your baby examined and evaluated.

Although we are unable to guarantee individual outcomes, we can tell you that many infants are now colic-free because they received chiropractic care that addressed the causes of their colic; it didn’t just seek to relieve their colic symptoms.

Please call one of our sponsors today, so you can get your infant on the road to happiness, and begin to enjoy what should be your new bundle of joy!


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