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Chiropractors in Alaska

The neck provides support for the head and needs to be flexible at all times. Since your head weighs about as much as a bowling ball, any misalignment of the spinal vertebrae, known as subluxation(s), can cause neck pain, but also headaches and a variety of other conditions. Over the years, Alaska chiropractors have seen an increase in the number of patients seeking a natural, drug-free solution, look to chiropractors for help. Among the major causes of neck pain are extended hours at a computer, repetitive work on an assembly line, an automobile accident, slip, fall, and sport injuries that may result in a blow to the head or neck.

A pinched nerve, whiplash, and neck strain are the common causes of neck pain that usually occurs in conjunction with vertebral subluxation(s). The misaligned bones put pressure on the spinal nerve and can interfere with normal nerve communications between the brain and the body. Simply put, the neck must be in its proper position in order to enjoy good health. The tissues that are affected by the nerves and muscles in the neck include the veins, arteries, lymph glands, trachea, and thyroid glands, to name a few. Alaska chiropractors are highly trained to locate and reduce subluxation(s) throughout the spine.

Chiropractors in Alaska are supported by the Alaska Chiropractic Society that focuses on advancing professional excellence. Neck pain can be a warning signal of further health problems that you ought to heed as quickly as possible. Chiropractic care begins with a number of tests conducted to identify the root cause of neck pain followed by gentle spinal adjustment that in some cases brings immediate relief. Long standing spinal problems obviously take longer to resolve. For a complete diagnosis of your particular spinal condition, visit to one of the chiropractors in Alaska practicing in a town near you.

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