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Chiropractors in Billings

Billings chiropractors know that while x-rays are useful diagnostic tools, they should not be overused.

Diagnostic x-rays, like the profession of chiropractic, were discovered at the end of the 19th century and because they provide a visual record of the internal structure of the body, have been a helpful tool for chiropractors.

The chiropractic profession has pioneered safety measures that reduce exposure. These techniques, along with sensitive x-ray films, help produce helpful images without needless exposure. In fact, the typical x-ray taken by one of the chiropractors in Billings is often just a fraction of the radiation used by a routine chest x-ray in a hospital.

When spinal x-rays are indicated, Billings chiropractor will first set up the x-ray using an ordinary light, indicating the precise beam of the x-ray energy. Once everything is lined up properly the actual split second exposure is made.

Normally, Billings chiropractors will insist on x-rays if your condition is related to trauma, such as a car accident. This helps to rule out fractures and other pathologies that might contra-indicate chiropractic adjustments in that area of your spine. State-of-the-art x-ray procedures are just one aspect of the thorough examinations for which chiropractors in Billings and elsewhere are famous for. In fact, many report that their chiropractic examination is the most complete they've ever had.

Consult one of the chiropractors in Billings who will take care of you safely and naturally with today's chiropractic care:

Dr. Jeff Meier
Meier Family Chiropractic
3419 Central Ave., Ste C
Billings, MT 59102
(406) 651-5433 | Visit Website