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Chiropractors in Columbus

The body attempts to adapt to spinal joints which are not working properly because of spinal stress, by depositing calcium on these affected joints. This is a natural response from the body, and is in fact the method used by the body to repair fractures. Eventually, this deposition of calcium causes the two segments of the spine to join together. This is a slow, worsening process, and is often referred to by chiropractors as spinal decay.

Columbus chiropractors use chiropractic adjustments to address and help correct this condition. This allows the intelligence of the body to work through the nervous system in an uninterrupted manner, and keeps the body in a state of balance and harmony. Many chiropractors in Columbus are licensed by the Ohio State Chiropractic Board, which regulates chiropractors in Ohio with a vision of setting high standards for licensure.

Spinal decay can start from any one of many causes, and is typically due to some physical trauma to the spine that has been left uncorrected. The trauma could have its genesis as early as the birth process, learning to walk, ride a bike as a result of a motor vehicle accident, or slip and fall.

A degenerative condition begins as spinal bones slowly fuse together and as a result, their normal movement is impaired. Since the spinal cord and nerve roots are in close proximity to the spinal bones, this impaired movement can irritate and chaff these delicate tissues, thus causing serious repercussions both local and peripheral to the spine.

Columbus chiropractors will locate the malfunctioning areas of your spine, and will attempt to restore its structure and function by applying specific, highly-targeted spinal adjustments. Chiropractic care given at the right time could make the difference between a lifetime of debilitating effects, or leading a normal lifestyle. Use this directory to contact one of the Columbus chiropractors near you.

Dr. Richard Thompson
German Village Chiropractors
247 E. Livingston Ave., Suite A
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 224-2225 | Visit Website
Dr. Dean Haldeman
Graceland Chiropractic
7955 N High St.
Columbus, OH 43235
(614) 436-2225 | Visit Website
Dr. Randy Wurts
inThrive Chiropractic
8657 Sancus Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43240
(614) 705-6567 | Visit Website