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Ear Infections in Children: So Much Needless Pain and Worry!

Ear infections in children are nearly a “rite of passage, ” that lasts from infancy clear through to adolescence. But, do they have to be? So many parents seemed “resigned” to the fact that ear infections are a common childhood condition, so they just “white-knuckle” it through each occurrence and recurrence, waiting for their child to outgrow it. Too bad those parents aren’t reading this article!

Child ear infection image

Would you continue to “wait it out” if you knew about a safe and natural solution that has a high success rate in decreasing the number and severity of ear infections in children? Would you continue to use home remedies for ear infections that might relieve the pain only for a short time, if at all? Would you continue to treat ear infections with antibiotics repeatedly or with ear tube surgery, which is also often repeated, if you knew there was an easier, softer way? Wouldn’t you want to find the cause of your child’s middle ear infections so your child could be happy and pain-free?

Of course you would! The sponsors of are eager to tell you all about it, the drug-free solution they have used to change the course of countless young lives, so they now live healthy and free from the pain of chronic childhood ear infections.

Surely, you want this for your child; surely, you want it for you too!

Ear Infections in Children: What’s the Cause?

Your child awakens in the night, screaming in pain. Another ear infection? Why does this keep happening? What causes these sudden occurrences of middle ear infections (acute otitis media) in children?

The ear has three distinct parts, the inner ear, the middle ear and the outer ear. The nose and throat connect to the middle ear by means of the eustachian tube. The eustachian tube can easily become clogged because of your child having a cold or some type of nasal congestion. When this happens, fluid from the middle ear doesn’t drain properly and it backs up in the middle ear, right behind the eardrum.

This backup of fluid can become so severe that it causes pressure and severe pain. Sometimes the pressure becomes so intense that the child’s eardrum ruptures, and you will see drainage of fluid mixed with blood coming from the ear. However, you may also notice that your child is no longer crying! That’s because the pain and pressure was relieved when the eardrum ruptured – nature’s way of relieving the fluid build up.

A ruptured eardrum may look scary and you may feel a great deal of alarm, but rest assured, your child’s body is actually functioning correctly to relieve the pressure on its own.

Ear Infections in Children, Traditional Medical Approaches

Several years ago, when you took your child to the pediatrician, and he or she discovered that there was fluid in the ear, you left the office with a script for an antibiotic, whether or not the fluid was infected. As the pediatrician put it, “If something is brewing in there, it will stop it; if nothing is going on, it certainly won’t hurt.” This couldn’t be further from the truth!

You see, antibiotics are used for one thing – bacterial infections. To use them prophylacticly to treat ear infections is harmful because antibiotics don’t only kill bad bacteria, they kill good bacteria that reside in your intestines as well (yes there is such a thing as “good” bacteria!). This upsets the natural balance in the body and opens it up to new occurrence of disease. That is why you see so many “probiotic” products on store shelves today.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, if your child had a confirmed ear infection, there was also a script for antibiotics. In either case, you returned for a recheck in two weeks to see if everything resolved itself. Sometimes it did; often fluid was still present.

Childhood ear infections tend to recur. Round after round of antibiotics tends to weaken the immune system, leaving the body ripe for disease. For some children, repeat ear infections become the norm. When this happens, a surgical solution, in the form of ear tubes, is generally recommended. Hearing loss and speech delays are common concerns the doctor will ask you to consider.

Ear tubes, inserted right into the eardrum, allow fluid drainage and are often heralded as a “cure” for ear infections in children. Some children do experience a decrease in the number of infections, while others do not; sometimes their bodies quickly reject the tubes as “foreign” bodies and the surgery is repeated, often with similar results.

So how do you stop the merry-go-round and get off? There is a natural way, a safe and gentle way to help your child get some relief from chronic middle ear infections, that doesn’t rely on treatments that don’t really work!

Keep reading, you’re about to discover how…

Ear Infections in Children Deserve a Drug-free, Natural Approach to Healing

Some parents have found the answer to their children’s constant middle ear infections, an answer that not only is drug and surgery- free, but that also looks at the causes of ear infections. A solution that offers hope to parents and health to their children. A solution that looks at the whole child, and not only a list of symptoms.

What is this solution? The sponsors of are chiropractors who have had years of education and training in helping the body to heal naturally. They facilitate the healing process but your body actually does the healing on its own.

Many children experience trauma as they enter the world via the narrow birth canal. Twisting and pulling on the child’s delicate neck and spine are not uncommon and this type of pressure can cause misalignments in the spinal column. These misalignments put pressure on your nerves, the nerves that regulate every function in the body and provide the communication link between the brain and the body. If the nerves are pinched or compromised in any way, the body can’t function as it should. Chiropractors remove this spinal “stress, ” allowing the power of the body to “turn back on” again.

It’s just that simple, move bones off nerves and let the body heal itself – without drugs and without surgery!

See one of these participating chiropractors in Ottawa, ON.

Ear Infections in Children: Finally, Relief with Chiropractic Care?

If you are like most parents hearing about this for the first time, you’re skeptical. Well why wouldn’t you be when the word chiropractor is synonymous with back or neck pain, not middle ear infection.

Chiropractic care has become the number one alternative health care discipline that people seek when they become weary of so-called “solutions” that don’t work. And that’s exactly what happens to parents of children with middle ear infections. They get tired of solutions that “promise this” and “give that” instead.

Chiropractic care has been shown to be effective in reducing numbers of ear infections in children, and many case studies prove this.

When you decide to contact one of’s sponsoring chiropractors, you will be taking a positive step in the right direction to help your child to get and stay healthy. Chiropractors don’t just treat symptoms, they locate spinal misalignments and correct them, permitting the nervous system to function properly once again. Many children who have had chronic ear infections see relief after only two adjustments!

You see, chiropractors know how to locate and adjust spinal misalignments that may cause nerve interference, which in turn causes illness and disease – in children as well as adults. Many parents and their children have found natural relief for their middle ear infections, and now, parents and their children are finally able to get some much-needed sleep!

One Mother’s Story…In Her Own Words

Another sleepless night, caused by my daughter’s unrelenting, piercing screams – another ear infection, one of many in her first year of life. Another round of antibiotics, another recheck in two weeks, and yet another recommendation to see a specialist. I’d been through this drill numerous times, so I knew the ropes only too well.Well, I wasn’t buying the recommendation for ear tubes (the correct medical terminology is myringotomy) as I’d been this route before, three times to be exact, with my older sons. One of them even had the nightmarish experience of this same procedure a second time, after the first set of tubes fell out within weeks of insertion. Yet, even after the second surgery, he still had no relief from those dreaded infections.

ear infection treated successfully with chiropractic careDuring the years that followed, I began to research alternatives to the traditional approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of ear infections. Traditional medical diagnosis begins with the premise that the eustachian tubes are underdeveloped in children who are prone to ear infections. The tubes swell from some sort of primary infection, (i.e., an upper respiratory infection) and this swelling prevents the proper drainage of fluid. The fluid collects behind the eardrum and becomes a warm, moist breeding ground for the bacteria that cause ear infections.

Traditional medical treatment for ear infections in children starts with the administration of antibiotics (generally amoxicillin). If this treatment is unsuccessful, or if the child experiences an arbitrary number of recurrences, prophylactic treatment may be suggested. This consists of several preventative doses of an antibiotic per day for several months to prevent re-infection. Finally, when all else fails, there is the trip to see the specialist and the almost certain recommendation for the insertion of tubes. This surgery, done under a microscope, creates an artificial opening in the eardrum (the tube itself) to allow the bacteria-collecting fluid to drain.

Armed with first-hand experience that the traditional approach failed my two young boys (their ear infections continued), I was not about to endure another surgery. I was ripe and ready for something new. You see, I was completely unwilling to send a third toddler, screaming and kicking into a cold, sterile operating room without her Mommy for support, to undergo general anesthesia with all its inherent risks, for what? Yet another surgical failure?

I had read numerous articles that stated that chiropractic care was an effective alternative to traditional medicine for the treatment of ear infections. I had also seen an advertisement in my local paper for a local chiropractor who specialized in pediatric care. It was time to give it a try.

I’ll admit, I was apprehensive. After all, I’d only ever heard chiropractors referred to in my family as “quacks, ” and not “real” doctors. All they do is “crack” your back, and what does that accomplish?

It wasn’t really going to take a lot to convince me that this was the way to go, however, because surgery was definitely out of the question this time. The doctor explained to me what chiropractic is and what it does. The premise is that the spine houses the Central Nervous System and that the CNS controls all bodily functions, including the immune system. If there is any type of nerve interference along the spine (subluxation) that is due to a spinal misalignment, the signals aren’t properly relayed and the body cannot function as it is designed.

When a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C. with a four-year, post-college degree) adjusts a child’s spine (or an adult’s for that matter) this adjustment relieves the interference and turns the “power” back on so the immune system can work properly. Sounds simple enough, right?

The proof is in the pudding, so they say. My chiropractic “breakthrough” occurred in October 1995 and 13 years later, I am convinced more than ever that chiropractic works. Not only for childhood ear infections, but also for colic, asthma, allergies, ADHD, autism and most other childhood and adult ailments. It’s become part of my family’s general preventative health maintenance plan. We visit the Chiropractor about once a month and it’s our first stop (not the pediatrician’s office) when any type of illness starts to rear its ugly head.

Chiropractic has certainly made a believer out of me. It does work and I have never had to experience the pain and anguish of sending another child down that long hallway to the OR for general anesthesia and an operation that only put a band-aid on a symptom of the real problem.

I’ve found my answer, and I’ve helped to save my children from the constant merry-go-round use of antibiotics that I believe would have resulted in the later development of drug-resistant strains of bacteria. They’re cured and I’m no longer a slave to traditional medicine. Therefore, you see – sometimes you really can teach an old dog new tricks!


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