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Is Your Head on Straight?


Forward head carriage is common among headache sufferers.

Rene Cailliet, M.D., director of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Southern California, has written about the importance of the relationship between our head and our cervical (neck) spine.

Gravity, poor posture, the weight of the head or past injury (a car accident) can cause something called the “Forward Head” syndrome. This is where your chin is out in front of your shoulders and chest, causing stress to your spinal cord and brain stem. This is often common among headache sufferers searching for relief. It’s crucial that your head to sit back, centered above your shoulders.

When your head is jutting abnormally forward, it can add significant pressure to your cervical spine. Besides fatigue, it can produce other health-robbing affects:

    Impaired lung capacity
    Loss of proper bowel movement
    Reduced vitality
    Chronic pain

Postural changes reduce your ability to turn and bend and can impair the function of your nervous system. Eventually the entire body can be affected, producing the telltale hunched posture.

Chiropractic care has helped restore the proper relationship between the head and neck for countless millions of people. But it takes time! The Forward Head syndrome takes time show up and even longer to resolve.

Keep a keen eye out for people with this all too common condition and refer them to a sponsoring chiropractor for a no-obligation evaluation.

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  1. Dumb question but can sleeping on to large a pillow cause this problem? I was told to raise my head at night to relieve GERD but could that also cause problems? Thanks

  2. I have found that sleeping on too large of a pillow forces your head and neck too far forward. I tell my patients to find a pillow that supports your neck, while keeping your spine in a neutral position.

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