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Kids and Migraines

child with migraine image

Locating and treating the cause of your child's headaches can save them a lifetime of pain!

Children can get headaches too and although parents often panic and immediately think worst case scenario (as in brain tumor), children’s headaches are very much like adult headaches. Children are most prone to tension, sinus and migraine headaches, as are adults. In fact, many chronic adult headache sufferers experienced their first headaches prior to the age of 10, while 50% had their first headache prior to the age of 20.

Most parents try to rule out any serious health condition immediately. When nothing major is found to be wrong, many adopt the attitude, “It’s not bad; we can treat the headaches on our own.” So… they break out the bottle of childhood pain relievers to “ease the pain,” treating symptoms rather than getting to the cause of their child’s headache pain.

And why do kids get headaches? Well again… mostly for the same reasons as adults, except that children also get headaches along with colds, infections, fever, sore throats, sinus infections and ear infections.

If your child has migraines, most likely there is a history of migraines in the family. In fact, if both parents suffer with migraines, there is a 70% chance that their child will also have migraines. Tension headaches in children may result from trying to be an overachiever or perfectionist, preparing for and taking exams, eyestrain, depression or poor posture that can cause neck and back strain. Another factor to consider is your child’s teeth. Dental problems, such as erupting teeth or an abscess, can cause headache pain as well.

So what should a parent to do when a child complains of headache pain? After ruling out a brain disorder or serious condition, the next best method of treatment is chiropractic care! Sure, you can give your child over-the-counter pain relievers, if it’s symptom care that you’re after. However, chiropractic care for children’s headaches is every bit as effective as it is for adult headaches, and one of the most common conditions for seeing a chiropractor in the first place!

Chiropractic adjustments for children’s headaches focus on the upper cervical spine (neck region). Chiropractors apply a gentle adjustment to the top vertebrae of the spine to remove nerve interference and restore proper nervous system function.

Many pediatric patients have reported a marked decrease in the frequency of their headaches after they have been adjusted by a chiropractor. If your child suffers from frequent headaches, please consider an approach that locates causes and doesn’t just treat symptoms.

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