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Migraine Relief: You Choose – Band-Aid Solution or Natural Cure?

Migraine relief

When you’re trying to just get through the symptoms of a migraine attack, the only thing on your mind is relief – any type of migraine relief that will take the pain away.

If you have suffered for years, you’ve probably tried many different types of migraine treatment to be sure; maybe you’ve even enjoyed some level of success with migraine medications and drug-free therapies. But more often than not, those painful attacks return because the solutions you’ve tried are only addressing the symptoms of migraines and not what’s causing them in the first place.

There is a drug-free approach that has shown great success in eliminating the cause of migraine headaches and, when the cause is located and corrected, migraine symptoms don’t come back. Now wouldn’t you think that’s a better way to achieve migraine relief?

Migraine Relief: Migraine Medications

Many migraine sufferers begin their quest for migraine relief by taking over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications when they first experience migraine symptoms. As the headaches get worse and these no longer seem to “get the job done, ” they then move on to stronger migraine medications, prescribed by their doctors.

There are two types of migraine medication available by prescription, abortive and preventive. Abortive medications provide relief of migraine symptoms after they’ve already started.

Both OTC and prescription migraine medications carry warning labels that alert you to side effects that can be experienced as a result of your taking these drugs. Sometimes these lists are quite long and the side effects can be risky and dangerous. So… you’re left to wonder, “Is the cure potentially worse than the condition itself?” Pretty scary stuff!

Over time, a combination of OTC and prescription medications may be suggested, such as, “Take this preventive migraine medication, but if you experience any migraine symptoms, then take this type of OTC pain reliever as well.”

It’s confusing, it’s often “hit or miss, ” and it’s frightening, to be sure. You just never know when the next attack will occur.

For more information on medications used for migraine relief, see related article, “Migraine Medications Treat Symptoms; Give Risk-Free Care a Try!”

Drug-Free Migraine Relief

Many migraine sufferers, concerned about side effects and long-term damage that can be caused by taking migraine medications, have resorted to other types of drug-free therapies to treat migraine symptoms. Some have incorporated these therapies into their “migraine management” tool kits to use in addition to migraine relief prescription and OTC drug remedies – a multi-therapeutic approach if you will.

The most popular drug-free approaches used for migraine relief include:

  • Cool compresses that provide immediate soothing relief.
  • Biofeedback – includes specific breathing exercises, meditation and visualization techniques that may reduce the severity of migraine headache pain.
  • Herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals – some migraine sufferers have achieved success in preventing migraines or reducing their severity with the herbs feverfew and butterbur. Vitamin B-2, coenzyme Q10 and magnesium sulfate have also been used to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks and the severity of migraine symptoms during an attack.
  • Massage therapy, when applied to the neck area, often has limited success in relieving the pain of migraines and headaches in general that may result from stress and muscle tension.
  • Reflexology, which involves applying pressure to different parts of the feet to balance the body; this is the most widely used alternative therapy in Denmark.
  • Lifestyle changes, such as avoiding migraine triggers. These are best identified by keeping a journal of migraine attacks and recording what preceded them so you can avoid those triggers in the future. Getting enough rest and exercise is also important. For a more complete list of migraine symptom triggers, see related article, Migraine Symptoms are Severe – Natural Care Addresses Their Cause.
  • Acupuncture – the use of very fine needles, inserted into various parts of the body, that correct energy imbalances, improve the body’s ability to resist or heal from illnesses and help you to achieve physical, mental, and emotional health.

There is another drug-free approach to migraine relief that identifies the cause of your migraine attacks and seeks to correct it so that migraine symptoms no longer occur. And… it doesn’t involve taking potentially dangerous medications, either!

Migraine Relief with Safe, Gentle Chiropractic Care!

Person with supplements image

There is a drug-free, natural health care alternative that seeks to locate the cause of your migraine symptoms and eliminate it, so that you no longer have to deal with migraine attacks at all.

For many years, migraine headache sufferers have trusted chiropractic care for relief of their migraine symptoms. Why? “Because chiropractic care addresses the cause of their migraine symptoms, ” answers a successful chiropractor in Newark, Delaware. “It doesn’t just put a temporary band-aid on them.”

Listings of chiropractors in Birmingham, AL.

The sponsors of work with grateful migraine patients every day to help to reduce, or even totally eliminate, their migraine attacks. These are highly trained and licensed professionals who know how to locate and remove spinal interference in your nervous system so it functions as it should.

When a vertebra (spinal bone) in your spine is out of place, it can press on surrounding nerves, causing nerve interference. This prohibits vital communication between the brain and the body, and as a result, your body may respond by becoming sick in the area of the body controlled by the affected nerve.

Any type of accident (slip or fall, auto crash) or injury can cause a bone to move out of its proper place. When a bone becomes misaligned, it presses on the nerves that exit from the spine above and below it.

Our sponsors are chiropractors who put bones back into their proper places so that nerves are free to function as they should, without interference. How do they do this? By delivering a very precise, safe and natural adjustment to the out-of-place bone! The result? No more nerve interference – and the body is able to heal itself!

By addressing and eliminating the underlying cause of your migraine headaches, your nervous system returns to normal functioning; your migraine symptoms either disappear completely or are far less severe than they’ve been in the past.

While no health care practitioner can guarantee outcomes, what we can tell you is that many people walked through our sponsors’ doors with classic migraine symptoms that went away altogether as a result of chiropractic adjustments.

Want To Know More?

The easiest way to learn more about chiropractic care and migraine relief is to call one of our sponsoring chiropractors today. Make an appointment for a thorough examination and health history to determine if chiropractic is a good choice for you.

Please, give risk-free migraine relief a try, before you take migraine medications with potentially dangerous side effects. You really have nothing to lose, except your chronic migraine pain!

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