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Head and Neck Pain: Natural Relief With Chiropractic Care

Head and neck pain may seem like the chicken-or-egg question: which came first? You feel stress at work, perhaps, and before long you realize you have a headache. But wait – you also have a stiff neck. It’s just the cost of doing business in our crazy world, right? Wrong. No matter how common neck and head pain may be, it’s not normal. And there is something you can do about it.

The Neck Bone’s Connected to the Head Bone…

The vertebrae of your neck (cervical spine) support the weight of your head and all its motions, which may not seem like much – until you realize your head weighs as much as a bowling ball. When your neck bones are not positioned properly, the result is tightening of the muscles and irritation of the nerves that connect with your head. Your head and neck symptoms may include some or all of the following:

Fortunately, you don’t have to live with head and neck pain – and you don’t have to take drugs to eliminate the pain. Learn more!

Don’t Worry…

Head and neck pain imageNeck pain causes are rarely serious illness; typically, head and neck pain is brought on by stress. Emotional/mental stresses like worrying about a deadline or finances, grieving over a loss, feeling angry, irritated and frustrated cause people to unconsciously clench or tighten their muscles – especially those in the neck. Often, you may not even be aware you’ve been tensing your muscles until you realize you have a throbbing headache or you can’t turn your head!

Physical stress also plays a role in neck and head pain: sleeping in an awkward position, slouching while reading or watching TV, hunkering over a computer keyboard for hours can all cause the neck muscles to tense up. These muscles attach into the base of the skull, so when your neck hurts, often your head does too.

Be Happy

At this point, many people reach for the pain relievers. And while they may offer short-term neck pain relief, they don’t address they underlying structural causes of the pain – and they have side effects that range from merely annoying to life-threatening. The side effects can result in chemical stress on the body – which simply serves to increase your head and neck pain symptoms!

But even if you can’t take the song’s advice to “be happy” all the time, you can still find natural relief from the headaches and neck pain.

Head and Neck Pain Relief

Head and neck pain escape image

Safely and naturally correcting the underlying cause of neck and head pain is practically routine for our chiropractors. By identifying areas of misalignment in the neck and upper back, then gently restoring proper alignment, the stress on the neck muscles and irritation of the nerves can naturally ease.

When your muscles and nerves are functioning normally, your neck isn’t as tense or stiff and you’re less likely to have a headache.

Chiropractic enjoys an excellent reputation as the world’s foremost alternative health care approach, and for good reason: it gets results! Unlike drugs, which only treat symptoms, chiropractic addresses the underlying cause of the symptoms. Neck pain relief is still the result – but it’s natural, lasting relief based on restoring normal function to the body.

Find a chiropractor today. You’ll be joining millions of satisfied chiropractic patients who’ve said goodbye to their head and neck pain! And if you’re a little unsure about what to expect, we understand: the mainstream medical community has worked for years to spread misinformation about chiropractic care. Rest assured that chiropractic is a scientific approach to working with the body’s own healing abilities to restore health. Chiropractors complete years of graduate study, pass stringent licensing requirements imposed by all fifty states, enjoy federal recognition and maintain lifelong continuing education requirements. And chiropractic is probably covered by your insurance.

Try Natural

At your consultation, your chiropractor will ask you some questions to get a sense of what’s happening in your life, what kinds of stress you might be dealing with… and possibly whether or not your favorite team won last weekend! That’s because all of our caring chiropractors realize you are a person, not a set of symptoms. If chiropractic can work for you, the doctor will examine you and then share the findings with you. He or she will also detail a plan to correct the problem(s). If you have questions, ask away! Your doctor will be delighted to explain anything that’s unclear before applying chiropractic adjustments precisely to any areas of misalignment.

Everybody is different. Although chiropractic has been hugely successful with head and neck pain, people respond differently and no specific outcome can be guaranteed. But if you’d like to correct the underlying cause of your neck and head pain – without drugs – why not try chiropractic? It’s safe, natural and as easy as calling a sponsor near you today!

What is Stress?

We typically think of stress as being worried or “stressed-out” about something like a deadline. But there are other types of stress that commonly manifest as neck and head pain, including:

Kinds of Stress Causes of Stress
Physical Stress Physical stressors are those that affect the mechanics of the body directly, often by putting the body in unnatural positions or performing repeated motions. Common physical stresses include sleeping in a position that twists the neck (especially sleeping on your stomach), craning the neck to one side to hold a telephone, and unhealthy posture – especially leaning forward over a computer keyboard, scrunching down in your seat while watching TV or gripping a steering wheel tightly while pulling the head forward.
Chemical Stress We’re surrounded by chemical stressors every minute of the day: pollen, smog, tobacco and dust get inhaled, while preservatives and chemicals in our food, alcohol, drugs and other toxins get ingested. Chemical stress can directly affect the nervous system and muscle tone of the body, as well as its natural ability to heal itself.
Emotional/Mental Stress Meeting all the commitments of your day – dropping the kids off, getting to work on time, having the presentation ready for your meeting, getting home in time for dinner – creates stress. Worry about finances is a big emotional/mental stressor. Sadness and grief, as well as anger or rage, all cause us to tighten our muscles. Over time, this affects the muscle tone and puts unequal pressure on the cervical vertebrae, resulting in misalignments and nerve interference.
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