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A Natural PMS Cure Already Exists – Without Any Side Effects!

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We’re willing to bet that women have been looking for a natural PMS cure for just about as long as they have been roaming the earth! After all, what woman wants to have to deal with cramps, headaches, bloating, irritability and mood swings every month if she can find something, especially a natural PMS cure to relieve her most bothersome PMS symptoms?

How difficult is it for you to live through your monthly PMS symptoms? Do you just pop some over-the-counter pain relievers and go on with your day? Do you need prescription PMS medications just to be able to get up and function? Would you invest some time exploring a natural PMS cure if you believed it could really help? What would you have to lose other than some achy and annoying PMS symptoms that you’d be elated to see gone?

What Natural PMS Cures Have You Tried?

In a time where women are becoming more concerned with the overall health of their bodies, and the dangers of taking certain prescription medications, such as hormone replacement therapy (HRT), natural remedies for anything from PMS to menopause and all the life changes in between are cropping up all over the Internet and in health food stores!

Some of the natural PMS cures that women have tried include:

  • Magnesium, for bloating (water weight) and mood changes; women with PMS often have lower than normal magnesium levels
  • Vitamin B-6, to boost depressed serotonin levels that need to respond to higher levels of stress that eat away the B vitamins
  • Increase Vitamin D and calcium intake to decrease depressed mood, fluid retention, and PMS pain. Since dairy is the least beneficial way to get calcium, maybe you’ve tried green leafy vegetables, sardines, and sesame or pumpkin seeds or calcium supplements (along with magnesium). Some women who do this claim to experience a 40% reduction in PMS symptoms.
  • Chasteberry, an herb that was used more than 2500 years ago in Egypt, Greece and Rome and is currently widely used in Germany to treat the symptoms of PMS and other abnormalities in a woman’s menstrual cycle; especially effective in reducing anger, breast pain/fullness, and headache
  • Taurine, an amino acid and natural diuretic to help with PMS-related water retention and bloat
  • Changes in diet, such as avoiding alcohol, caffeine, dairy, salt and refined sugar which can aggravate PMS symptoms and adding more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds, nuts, and fish
  • Kava, the root of a South Pacific tree that helps to calm stress and anxiety
  • Yoga – to reduce stress and promote a more relaxed state of the body and mind
  • Aerobic exercise to boost energy levels and to help you sleep better – also boosts brain chemicals associated with feeling good

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Maybe you’ve tried one or two of these natural PMS treatments in an attempt to relieve your more debilitating PMS symptoms. You may have even experienced relief each time you tried whatever it was that worked for you and that’s terrific.

Trouble is, you are taking care of symptoms and the cause of your PMS, the reason why you have PMS symptoms in the first place, is still “out there.”

There is a natural treatment that looks to eliminate the cause of PMS altogether and it’s available from each of’s sponsors. Intrigued? Want to know more?

A Natural PMS Cure that Looks to Eliminate Causes, Not Just Symptoms!

The natural PMS cure that looks to eliminate the cause of your PMS symptoms? Chiropractic care – yes, you read right – safe, natural and effective chiropractic care.

Each one of our sponsors possesses an advanced degree and is a highly skilled health care practitioner who understands the physical and emotional toll you pay with the PMS symptoms you endure every month. But, rather than giving you something to relieve only your symptoms, they provide a very specific type of care that is directed at the cause of your PMS.

If you have ever been in a car accident, or had a bad fall, even as a child, or suffered some type of head trauma, perhaps when playing a sport, there is a very good chance that you also suffered a spinal misalignment that affected your nervous system. And, although you might not feel any “back” or “neck” pain, the fact of the matter is that you may have affected the nerves that exit from the part of the spine that became misaligned. You might not feel it, or even know that it’s there, but your nervous system certainly experiences the effects of a misaligned spine, and is letting you know that through your monthly PMS symptoms.

The chiropractors who sponsor are trained to locate and correct these spinal misalignments through gentle adjustments to your spine. After any misalignment(s) is corrected, the nerves that exit your spine and travel to all parts of your body resume their normal level of functioning, which, for many patients, frees them from most, if not all, of their monthly PMS symptoms!

Find chiropractors in Federal Way ready to help.

Of course, there are studies that have been conducted that attest to the positive impact of chiropractic care on relieving the symptoms of PMS. And, too, there are testimonials, written by many patients who were once PMS sufferers, who suffer no more as a result of chiropractic care. In fact, many post-chiropractic adjustment women claim that they experience less frequent and milder bloating and fewer headaches, food cravings, and cramps!

You can join their ranks by calling one of our sponsors today!

My Story of Relief and Healing… A Testimonial by Marci, Age 16

From the time I got my first period at the age of 12I was miserable. I had a regular cycle right from the get go and PMS symptoms that fell right into line, usually about 12 days before the start of my period.For those 12 days, I hated myself and so did everyone around me. No one in my family wanted to be near me; I was asked to leave the dinner table more times than I could count for my surliness and the nasty comments that I directed at everyone.The problem was I felt as if some demon took possession of my body during that period every month. I didn’t want to say half the things I said; I didn’t want to hurt those whom I loved with words that once out, couldn’t be taken back. Truly, I was as miserable as I made them feel. Even my friends steered clear of me. My constant mood swings were too much for anyone to deal with and I couldn’t do anything to stop them. I was scared of what I might do and lonely. I cried a lot too.

My mom thought it would pass with time. She had had awful PMS when she was a teen too. But hers were mostly cramps and headaches – physical symptoms that I had as well – and not too many of the emotional symptoms that I experienced.

One of my mom’s business associates was having a similar problem with her daughter and she had read an article somewhere about how chiropractic care might help to relieve PMS symptoms. She decided to take her daughter to a local chiropractor and after receiving chiropractic adjustments for about a month or so, her daughter’s PMS actually did get better. Her daughter was no longer the same monster as the one my mother was describing to her (ME!).

Mom decided we had nothing to lose by trying, so she took me to see Dr. Gina too. She was so understanding and compassionate. She took a family history and asked my mom if I had ever suffered from a bad fall. She asked about the method used to deliver me and if the birth was normal. My mother told her I was a forceps-delivered baby and that meant something to Dr. Gina. I also took quite a few “tumbles” as a young gymnast.

Dr. Gina determined that I did indeed have a spinal misalignment in my lower back and she commented that it might very well be the cause of my PMS symptoms. I really didn’t get that at all until Dr. Gina explained to me what the purpose of the nervous system was and what happens to nerves when bones interfere with how they are supposed to work.

I saw Dr. Gina a couple of times a week for a month and then I noticed a change. That “demon” was no longer possessing my body during the 12 days before my period. I won’t go so far as to say I was a saint, but there was a very noticeable improvement! I know there was a noticeable change because everybody asked me if I was feeling ok!

I owe a lot to Dr. Gina and to chiropractic care. Now, I no longer feel estranged from everyone right before I get my period. I am never sent away from the dinner table any more and I never say mean things that I later have to apologize for. Oh and the bonus? Chiropractic care relieved me of my allergies too! We didn’t know it could do that either!

Now my whole family receives regular chiropractic care to stay healthy and well. You could say we are a chiropractic family – we all feel great and there are no dangerous side effects, like there are with medications. Dr. Gina – you’re the best!


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