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PMS Symptoms Affect 85% of Women Each Month; Try A Natural Cure

Woman with PMS crying image

You’re in pain, severe pain, and the heating pad, the ibuprofen and a warm bath do nothing to dull the cramps and backache. You open your mouth and say things, nasty things, even vile things, things you know as you’re saying them you really shouldn’t be saying, but you just can’t stop yourself. You walk into a room and people walk out. You arrive at work and no one even makes eye contact with you for fear it will set you off. What is wrong with you?

Are you possessed? Mentally ill? Physically ill?

Well maybe those aren’t too far off – however, it’s probably PMS and the symptoms come on you like clockwork, every month. It’s hard enough for you to deal with, let alone your loved ones and co-workers. Why do PMS symptoms have to be this hard to take every month? Maybe they don’t…

PMS Symptoms: 200 and Counting!

Did you know that there are 200 documented symptoms of PMS? Hopefully, you don’t have all of them; actually, no one does. And, if you were to take a poll, our guess is that you’d discover that most women experience several PMS symptoms each month – the difference is, depending on the symptoms, you can either breeze right through that time of the month, or become possessed by some alien that even you don’t want to know!

Why the differences? Why do some women make it through the week(s) before the onset of their periods with nary a PMS symptom, while others can’t even get out of bed because their PMS symptoms are so debilitating that they find it hard to function?

Of the 200 PMS symptoms, perhaps the most common ones can be divided into two types, those that affect you physically and those that affect you emotionally or behaviorally. In order for a diagnosis of PMS to be made, you have to have at least one physical and one emotional (behavioral) PMS symptom and one physical PMS symptom that start 5 – 14 days prior to the onset of menstruation.

And… we’re willing to bet that the emotional symptoms of PMS can be far more wearing on you and others than any physical symptoms of PMS you might experience.

Common Physical Symptoms of PMS

Many women experience the following physical symptoms of PMS:

  • Abdominal cramps
  • Bloating (stomach/extremities)
  • Acne breakouts
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Food cravings for salt or sweets (Food cravings for salt contribute to the bloating!)
  • Decrease in energy/fatigue
  • Pain or tenderness in the breasts
  • Weight gain
  • Back pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Trouble falling or staying asleep
  • Worsening of certain skin conditions, including rashes, hives
  • Worsening of respiratory symptoms, including asthma or allergies
  • Eye problems

Most women treat these PMS symptoms with over-the-counter pain relievers, heating pads, bed rest, vitamin supplements, homeopathic remedies, or prescription medications. If you’d like to try an all-natural solution, then please, keep reading…

PMS Emotional Symptoms – Complex and Often Severe

As if the physical symptoms of PMS aren’t bad enough, enter the emotional/behavioral symptoms and you have all the makings of a good horror movie or front-page daily! “Woman Gone Mad Destroys Peaceful Home!” “Lunatic Takes Family Hostage!” “What Happened to My Mom (Wife, Sister, Daughter, etc.)?” “Husband and Children Say Tearful Goodbye to Crazed Wife and Mother!” You get the picture…

And, unfortunately, you can’t exactly find any relief from the emotional symptoms of PMS by walking down the analgesic aisle!

Some of the more common emotional symptoms of PMS include:

  • Moderate to severe mood swings that may cycle rapidly
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Wanting to withdraw from family or friends
  • Feelings of sadness
  • Weepiness/crying
  • Difficulty staying on task or concentrating
  • Agitation/nervousness
  • Aggressive or hostile behavior

Those who have a severe form of PMS emotional symptoms are often diagnosed with PreMenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), which can result in panic attacks and desperate or even suicidal feelings that seriously interfere with carrying out any type of normal daily activities. Unfortunately, as many as 3-8% of all PMS sufferers experience these types of symptoms, making their lives and the lives of those around them completely miserable, if not unbearable.

Emotional symptoms of PMS, because they often take others hostage, are by far the most worrisome. Relationships fail, children become distant, and friends no longer call because they just can’t deal with the demon inside of you that rears its ugly head every month, sometimes for days at a time.

Short of crawling into a cave each month, what can you do?

PMS Treatments: How Aggressive Do You Really Want to Be?

Over-the-counter PMS Solutions image

For the physical symptoms of PMS, many opt for a conservative approach – some over-the-counter pain relievers for headaches and cramps or “special PMS formulas” that supposedly treat all the symptoms of PMS.

Maybe you’ve tried some herbal or homeopathic remedies, such as chaste tree berry or evening primrose oil that are advertised as having the capability to regulate the production levels of certain hormones, helping to alleviate some of the physical pain and emotional symptoms of PMS.

But what about the more severe physical symptoms, such as abnormal water weight that swells your ankles so badly you can’t even walk? Or, the emotional symptoms that have you wanting to slit your wrists or someone else’s? All kidding aside, these are serious PMS symptoms that require a serious solution.

In those types of cases, many women do opt for pharmacologic solutions, such as anti-depressants, diuretics, mood stabilizers, anti-anxiety medications, or even birth control pills. These are PMS medications that may have some benefits, but that also are teeming with potential side effects a mile long. (Read the fine print in the prescription’s accompanying literature and see Side Bar in related article, “PMS Symptoms, Causes, Medications, and an All-Natural Cure.”)

So many choices, what do you do?

Try natural! No, not herbs and homeopathic remedies that are only capable of addressing symptoms, but a natural PMS solution that attempts to locate and correct the cause of your PMS symptoms!

Interested? Good – we’re happy to hear that and to let you know that this could very well be the relief that you’ve been looking for!

An All-Natural PMS Solution – With No Side Effects!

What if you could go to a health care practitioner, who was achieving significant success in helping women with their PMS symptoms? What if he or she was able to do this without requiring you to take any drugs at all? What if it actually worked and your regular PMS symptoms were either significantly diminished or totally eradicated? What if we told you that this help was available right now, and close to your home? Would you be interested?

Well there is such a health care practitioner, a chiropractor, in fact, who has helped many women with the same symptoms you experience. “Come on, ” you say? We understand your skepticism – there are plenty of people out there just like you; we turned them into believers and you can become one too!

How Can Chiropractic Help the Symptoms of PMS?

Chiropractic care is the number one natural health care alternative to traditional medicine. You see, chiropractors don’t just provide a “quick fix” to make your PMS symptoms disappear; rather, they seek to find and correct the cause of your PMS, without drugs that carry severe and dangerous side effect warnings.

How do they do this? Chiropractors are trained to locate and correct spinal misalignments that cause “traffic” on the “communication super highway” between the brain and the body. How do spinal misalignments occur? Well, generally through falls, accidents and injuries that can result in head trauma; this type of trauma causes these misalignments to occur.

Spinal misalignments interfere with the nerves that travel along the “communication super highway, ” preventing them from functioning properly and causing them to work only under half steam or not at all.

Chiropractors attempt to remove these misalignments through safe, gentle adjustments to the spine. Their goal is to restore proper nerve function, removing any interfering “traffic, ” so that the body can work as it is designed to work. Once the nerves are back in proper working order, the monthly symptoms of PMS usually become far less bothersome or are eliminated entirely!

Ok, So What Do I Do?

Call one of the sponsors of and talk about your monthly PMS symptoms. Ask him or her about PMS medications vs. the natural PMS cure that chiropractic care offers. Ask about his or her success rate with helping to relieve PMS symptoms. Then agree to go in for a consultation. You will be relieved, knowing that you are in the hands of a compassionate and skilled practitioner, who wants only one thing – your health restored – and he or she has the tools (their hands) to help you.

Click here for a Choose Natural sponsor in your area.

Can any of our sponsors promise you that you will be cured? No, but no one else can give you that guarantee either – and we have testimonials and research that show the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments on addressing and alleviating the causes of your PMS symptoms. That’s right… pick up the phone and call one of our sponsors located near you – you might be pleasantly surprised and eager to get well… once and for all!

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