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Sciatic Nerve Pain & Sciatica Pain Relief

Relief from sciatica symptoms is probably your number one priority if you’ve been suffering with the pain, numbness, weakness and decreased mobility of sciatica. Missing work, not being able to enjoy time with your family, having to give up activities you love all contribute to the misery that sciatica pain sufferers must cope with. The good news is, there is a safe, natural approach to achieving lasting sciatica pain relief. Read on to learn more.

Sciatica Symptoms and Causes

Sciatica refers to the symptoms that occur along the sciatic nerve pathway, including pain, tingling, lack of feeling and reduced range of motion. These symptoms can occur in:

    • The low back
    • The buttocks
    • The back(s) of one or both legs
    • Even the feet

Sciatica pain flareup imageWhat causes sciatic nerve symptoms varies from person to person, but typically the origin of the problem is in the lower back. Disc problems such as degeneration, herniation or bulging, narrowing of the spinal canal and arthritis can all result in compression of the nerve roots, leading to irritation, inflammation and the annoying pain of sciatica.

Often a lifetime of neglect has left the spine in this condition, with unhealthy posture, lack of strength in the relevant muscles and excessive sitting all contributing to the problem. The body is amazingly adaptable and can compensate for these factors for some time – perhaps years – until something happens that it is no longer able to compensate for. Then the symptoms of sciatica appear.

Treatment for Sciatic Nerve Pain

If you’re literally aching for sciatica pain relief, you may feel tempted to try just about anything: drugs, steroid injections, surgery, sciatica exercises, any manner of sciatica home treatment you can find on the internet. Unfortunately, none of these sciatica treatment methods address the underlying cause of your sciatic nerve pain but merely treat the symptoms, offering at best a temporary reprieve from the pain. And all of these methods have risks and side effects associated with them. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a natural, safe approach to sciatica pain relief? One that actually addressed the underlying causes as well as the outer symptoms? Well, there is!

Chiropractic Offers A Highly Effective Treatment Option

Why not start with a natural approach, rather than putting yourself through the dangers and disappointments of traditional sciatica treatments?

Chiropractic is a totally safe, natural approach to sciatic nerve pain that works with your body’s healing capability to bring about sciatica pain relief – while helping to correct the underlying problems. Chiropractors are licensed health care providers, having completed graduate-level studies and continuing education requirements.

Find a chiropractor near your home or workplace to get started (most insurance companies cover chiropractic care). Find a chiropractor that is experienced with sciatica. After getting your story, a complete examination is done to look for more clues to the origin of your sciatica symptoms. To implement this plan, your doctor will apply gentle, precise adjustments to any area(s) of misalignment discovered in the exam.

Take action today and join the millions of former sciatica sufferers who’ve found sciatica pain relief through chiropractic. Naturally, no specific results can be predicted, but many patients have no sciatica after just a few visits. Some patients require “routine maintenance” to keep the more serious instabilities in their spines from triggering symptoms. And most are delighted to be back to their normal activities! Hear from a sciatica suffer below:

Just Say No to Opiods!

Several extremely powerful kinds of drugs are typically prescribed for sciatic nerve pain relief – and none of them does anything to correct the underlying cause of the problem! Before filling that prescription, consider the possible side effects:

Sciatica Medication Side Effects
Muscle relaxants Side effects include dizziness, drowsiness, tremor, depression, blurred vision, insomnia, nausea, vomiting, paralysis, irregular heart beat, chest pain, risk taking, convulsions, unusual behaviors, jaundice, fainting, hallucinations.
Anti-convulsants Side effects include trouble concentrating, problems with balance, numbness, insomnia, vision loss, insomnia, dry mouth, elevated heart rate, fever, chills, seizures, confusion, tremor, rapid eye motions.
Anti-depressants Side effects include vomiting, constipation, dry mouth, insomnia, blurred vision, nightmares, decreased sex drive, chest pain, pounding heartbeat, extreme thirst, problems with vision, balance or speech, seizures.
Opioid pain relievers Side effects include drowsiness, dry mouth, sweating, itching, shallow breathing, slow heartbeat, confusion, fainting, convulsions, hallucinations, clammy skin.
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