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Adult Scoliosis Treatment

Because scoliosis typically affects adolescents, adults who are diagnosed with adult scoliosis are often shocked. Although the scoliosis symptoms are the same – any lateral curvature of the spine – adults face a different set of challenges than teens. Fortunately, a natural approach to adult scoliosis can help. Learn more.

What is Adult Scoliosis?

Adult scoliosis has three basic origins:

  • Degenerative disease such as osteoarthritis
  • Idiopathic scoliosis that went unnoticed and untreated during adolescence
  • Scoliosis that was treated with surgery during adolescence

Osteoarthritis can result in adult scoliosis when the vertebrae and/or discs on one side of the spine weaken or degenerate more than those on the other side, creating a curve. In other instances, a curvature that went unnoticed during adolescence becomes noticeable in adulthood either because it has continued to progress or because it begins to cause pain. Finally, some people who undergo scoliosis surgery as teens continue to struggle with the symptoms of scoliosis throughout their lives.

How is Adult Scoliosis Treated?

While scoliosis does not generally cause pain in children or teens, it can cause pain in adults, especially those with osteoarthritis. Even in other types of adult scoliosis, pain may be present because the natural flexibility of youth has diminished, and the muscles that have helped to compensate for the curve become overtaxed. Traditional adult scoliosis treatment, therefore, tends to focus on pain relief. Bracing, which is often recommended for teens, is not effective in adult scoliosis. Surgery for adult scoliosis is not recommended unless:

  • The curve is greater than 50 degrees
  • The curve is progressing rapidly
  • Pain is significant
  • Pulmonary function is compromised

For most adults, the spinal curvature is no longer progressing, so the traditional treatment is simply to alleviate the painful scoliosis symptoms, generally using pain relievers and anti-inflammatories. The problem with these drugs is that they only last a few hours, they have many side effects and they don’t do anything about the underlying problem.

Fortunately, another method for helping to alleviate the pain and symptoms of scoliosis is readily available. And it’s safe, natural and has no side effects! Read about this healthy alternative.

Natural Healing for Adult Scoliosis

Adult scoliosis relief image

If your adult scoliosis stems from a degenerative condition, vertebrae and discs can be out of alignment and compressing nerves, which can cause your scoliosis pain. If the scoliosis has been present for many years, whether treated with surgery or not, there’s a good chance that compensatory muscles have become strained. And with the scoliosis curvature existing for years, the unnatural position can cause other misalignments and further interfere with proper nerve function.

Correcting structural misalignments and restoring optimal functioning to the nervous system is precisely what chiropractic does. Find out what millions of chiropractic patients all over the globe have discovered: that chiropractic is a natural approach to creating wellness by working with the body’s ability to heal itself. Chiropractic is made up of health care professionals with high levels of education, extensive training, state licensing and unparalleled compassion. Most health insurance includes chiropractic as a covered option.

If you’ve never considered chiropractic for your adult scoliosis, now is the time to contact a sponsoring chiropractor for a consultation. Your doctor will go to great lengths to understand your particular scoliosis situation, asking many questions and, if chiropractic seems a good choice for you, performing an extensive exam. All of his or her findings will be described to you, and a strategy for working with your adult scoliosis will be laid out.

This strategy will be put into action by administering adjustments gently to those precise areas of misalignment that were identified to be causing problems. Alleviating pressure on underlying nerves can help relieve pain and help the body itself function better. As nerve function improves, muscle tone increases and can help improve some postural issues.

No health care professional can guarantee a particular outcome, and results obviously vary. Chiropractic can’t return a spine to perfect upright posture instantly after years of progressing curvature. But it can help the nerves and muscles begin to do their jobs better, allowing the body to begin healing itself. And the fact that chiropractic is the number one alternative method of healthcare in the world is a testament to the fact that, for millions, it gets results!

Search for suggested chiropractors in Fort Collins that can help you with adult scoliosis.

Take action today to find a safe, gentle approach to your adult scoliosis pain and symptoms. Call a chiropractor and join delighted patients worldwide who have found natural relief with chiropractic. Click here for a Choose Natural sponsor in your area.

Adult Scoliosis FAQ
Does adult scoliosis progress? Not usually. Most cases of adult scoliosis don’t progress or else progress very slowly.
Will “taking it easy” help? No. A sedentary lifestyle and/or being overweight will only contribute to the problem. Moderate exercise is important for muscle tone, nerve function and optimal health.
Does adult scoliosis always mean pain? Not necessarily. Many factors contribute to cause pain in adult scoliosis patients, including the cause of the scoliosis, the degree of curvature and the patient’s overall strength and health.
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