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Back and Leg Pain Relief With Chiropractic

Pain in both the back and the legs is a sign of an underlying problem, and pinpointing the exact cause of the pain is instrumental in finding effective relief for your leg and back pain. But is the culprit your legs? Your back? Both? Read further to learn more about this problem and a natural method of leg and back pain relief.

Back Pain and Leg Pain

Typically, if pain is present in both the back and one or both legs, the problem is in the lower back. Bulging discs or bone spurs can crowd the many nerves coming out of the lower spine, creating inflammation and irritation that you experience as pain, tingling or numbness in the lower back, buttocks and into the legs. If the nerve irritation occurs along the sciatic nerve, this set of symptoms is referred to as sciatica. However, pain in the back and legs can occur as a result of compression of other nerves, such as the cauda equina nerve roots. Treating back and leg pain the traditional way typically involves one of the following:

None of these treatments address the underlying cause of leg and back pain, and most of them can make the situation worse! Although extreme exertion is certainly not recommended, bed rest actually increases the nerve irritation and pain. Pain relievers simply mask the pain for a brief time. Physical therapy or exercises create further inflammation and irritation along the affected nerves. And surgery, of course, involves irreversibly altering the physiology by removing or fusing bones.

Back and leg pain is extremely common, resulting in more missed days of work than everything but the common cold. And although the pain can be debilitating, it is generally not caused by any one significant event. More often, the body has successfully adapted to such things as poor posture, overweight, lack of muscle tone and a sedentary lifestyle punctuated by periods of overexertion… until one day it can’t adapt anymore, and something as mundane as picking up the newspaper results in excruciating pain. But a healthier option for addressing back and leg pain is available.

Healing Back and Leg Pain the Natural Way

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Take the first step on the road to back and leg pain relief by calling a chiropractor to set up your initial chiropractic consultation. Our chiropractors are highly educated, state-licensed, sympathetic professionals who see you as a person, not a set of symptoms! Chiropractic has become the leading alternative approach to health in the world, largely because our millions of overjoyed patients share their results with their family and friends. What’s more, chiropractic care is generally covered by insurance.

At your consultation, your chiropractor will want to learn more about you, as well as your back and leg pain symptoms. So he or she will ask a good many questions and examine you physically to get a clear image of the problem(s). Everything will be explained to your satisfaction, from the cause of the problem to the strategy for addressing it. Then the chiropractor will implement a plan of chiropractic adjustments designed to restore optimal alignment and improve joint motion in the lower back to reduce nerve system irritation and inflammation. For many people, a few simple adjustments means relief from back and leg pain. For others, a more extensive program of chiropractic care is needed to correct long-standing problems and keep the pain at bay.

What Triggers Back and Leg Pain

Back and leg pain are extremely common complaints, but certain things can contribute to their onset:

Sedentary Lifestyle It may seem like “taking it easy” would be good for the body, but actually the best thing for the body is to use it in moderation. Being a couch potato is as bad for the body as extreme overexertion; both can contribute to back and leg pain.
Aging Some underlying causes of back pain are age-related. Degeneration of the discs is essentially a “wear and tear” type problem that occurs with age. When the discs begin to bulge, they often compress nearby nerves. Age-related factors generally being to appear when a person is in their forties.
Work Certain jobs contribute to back and leg pain. These include jobs involving heavy lifting or twisting of the spine, as well as jobs that involve driving long distances.
Illness Some diseases, notably diabetes, can cause back and leg pain because they interfere with normal nervous system function.

Take control of your back and leg pain – call a chiropractor today to find out if this safe, natural approach can help you.

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