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Back and Neck Pain

Upper back pain with neck pain is a common cause of doctor’s visits and missed days at the office, and although this condition can be excruciatingly painful, it’s rarely caused by a serious illness. More often than not, back and neck pain is the result of muscle strain or disc or joint malfunction in the upper back and neck (just holding up your head is equivalent to balancing a bowling ball on the top of the seven delicate neck bones)! The usual treatment is medication, which misses on several fronts: medications cause side effects and drug interactions, they offer only temporary relief, and they don’t do a thing about the root cause of the problem. But a better alternative to back and neck pain relief is out there.

Stress, Stress, Stress

Back and neck painWhen the muscles of the upper back and neck are strained, resulting inflammation of nearby nerves is common. Likewise, when the discs between the vertebra bulge or degenerate, they fail to provide the necessary cushioning between bones and can even push out onto nerves. Whenever nerves are irritated, pain is the likely outcome.

Underneath all of this is stress. The human body endures a lot of stress in the course of a lifetime, adapting to most everything that’s thrown its way. But when the body’s internal threshold is reached, it can no longer compensate and it begins to malfunction. Then you experience back pain.

Stress comes in three main forms:

  • Chemical stress (inhaled or ingested toxins like tobacco, smog, alcohol, junk food)
  • Physical stress (poor postural habits, straining the back by lifting or twisting excessively, sleeping in unhealthy positions)
  • Emotional/mental stress (worry, fear, anxiety, grief, anger)

Chemical stress affects hormone production throughout the body. Physical stress strains muscles and contributes to degeneration. Emotional stress results in tensed muscles and altered hormone production. The end result of every type of stress is irritation of the nervous system, causing pain and dysfunction to any areas served by the affected nerves.

Learning to alleviate stress can help prevent neck and back pain in the first place. Once you’re suffering from neck and back pain symptoms, however, a natural solution can help.

Moving On

Back and neck pain relief

If you feel stuck with your neck and back pain, you’re not alone. The good news is, there’s a way to move out of the back pain rut, safely and naturally: chiropractic.

“Chiropractic’s success with back and neck pain is famous, and a big part of the reason chiropractic has become the world leader in alternative health care, ” says a busy McHenry County chiropractor in Crystal Lake, IL.

If you’ve never tried chiropractic, we’ve made it effortless to get started – all you have to do is select the chiropractic practice most convenient for you and make a quick phone call to set up your first appointment. And your insurance probably even covers it!

This listing of Philadelphia chiropractors is ready to help you.

You’ll answer some questions that will give your chiropractor a clear picture of what you’ve been dealing with, and then you’ll have an examination to further pinpoint the causes of the symptoms. Your chiropractor will explain all of this to you, in addition to presenting a way of working with these malfunctions to correct them.

Then your chiropractor will begin gently adjusting any misalignments or structural deviations that turned up in your exam. You can relax knowing that chiropractors are extremely knowledgeable and competent, spending years obtaining advanced degrees and meeting all of their state’s licensing requirements. Chiropractors are also extremely compassionate, understanding the frustration of dealing with pain – and the typical medical approach to treating pain.

Since every person is totally unique, everyone responds to chiropractic differently, so no predictions or guarantees can be made. ‘Many patients are delighted to experience relief in a few visits; others are equally delighted to incorporate chiropractic as a regular part of their routine health care, notes one chiropractor in Plantation.’

Physical Stress

Most people think of stress as that worry or anxiety they experience when faced with an improbable deadline. That type of stress is ubiquitous in our society and it’s called emotional stress. But what people sometimes overlook is the physical stress they subject their bodies to every day.Your head weighs about twelve pounds, roughly the same as a bowling ball. Your body is designed to support the weight of your head in an erect posture; unfortunately, most of us don’t maintain healthy posture for a good portion of the day. Letting that twelve pound bowling ball tilt forward over your chest (the typical position for most people working at a computer or driving), strains the neck and back muscles that have to hold this weight in place.

Then there’s the stress of lifting heavy objects, twisting suddenly, slouching while watching TV and sleeping in a twisted or awkward position. All of these stressors contribute to back and neck pain, especially if the habits persist.

Suffering with back and neck pain doesn’t have to be your lot in life, but it’s up to you to take the action to find relief: call a chiropractor today to put an end to your neck and back pain!

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