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Back Pain Exercises

If you’ve been wondering if back pain exercises are safe and effective for relieving back pain, you’re not alone! Back pain, especially lower back pain, is one of the most common causes of missed workdays. And since traditional back pain treatment options focus only on alleviating the pain, rather than uncovering and addressing the cause of the pain, back pain tends to return again and again. So using physical therapy or exercises for back pain may seem like a healthier alternative – but is it?

Back Pain Causes

Most back pain stems from discs that have begun to degenerate, pressing on nearby nerves, or joints that attach the vertebrae to one another, which have begun to function incorrectly. These issues can stem from “wear and tear” associated with aging, trauma and various types of stress – including physical stress like poor posture, chemical stress like smoking or eating unhealthfully or emotional stress like anxiety or anger. When these misalignments infringe on areas reserved for the nerves, irritation and inflammation occur, resulting in back pain.

Back Pain Treatment

Back pain exercises imageRegardless of the cause of back pain, traditional medicine tends to approach it in one of these ways:

  • Bed rest
  • Pain relievers or other strong medications
  • Surgery
  • Physical Therapy

Bed rest prolongs the problem and can make back pain worse. Pain relievers mask the symptoms, do nothing about the underlying causes and carry risks of side effects. Surgery is risky and drastic.

Back Pain Exercises

And what about physical therapy? Without the risks associated with medication and surgery, back pain exercise would seem like a good alternative, and the idea of strengthening the back muscles is appealing. Unfortunately, there are two things wrong with this notion: first, stronger back muscles don’t do anything to correct the structural misalignments that cause the pain. And second, exercising already stressed and strained structures simply exacerbates the problem.

While moderate exercise is extremely beneficial in maintaining overall health, including back health, it’s not a good approach to safely relieving back pain. But the good news is, there’s another alternative that does safely relieve back pain, with no drugs or surgery. Find out more.

Back Health

Safe back pain relief image“Instead of subjecting unstable structures to additional stress, chiropractic helps to re-align these areas, improving stability and function safely, ” say this busy North Perth chiropractor in Innaloo. “And with the structures of the body returned to normal, the nervous system and all of the body’s systems can begin to function optimally.”

Consult one of these participating chiropractors in Pittsburgh.

Chiropractic means back pain relief to millions of delighted patients around the world; in fact, more people seek chiropractic care than any other form of alternative healthcare. That’s due in part to the fact that chiropractic is made up of trusted healthcare professionals with advanced degrees who meet strict state oversight and licensing demands. But it’s also because, quite simply, chiropractic works!

Give chiropractic a try for your back pain – your insurance is likely to cover it, and there’s bound to be a chiropractor conveniently located near you. Just give them a call to schedule an initial consultation.

What’s Next?

Your chiropractor will get to know you by asking you questions about your health, your lifestyle and your back pain. You’ll probably be surprised at the genuine interest your chiropractor has in you – not just your symptoms. Then a physical examination will provide a deeper understanding of what’s going on. The doctor will explain all of his or her findings, plus a plan for working with these areas. Then precisely targeted chiropractic adjustments will be made, helping to restore correct alignment – and therefore correct function – to your back. With nerve irritation eliminated or reduced, your pain is alleviated and the body heals itself! Some folks experience relief of back pain after a few adjustments while others require a longer course of chiropractic care; no guarantees can be made regarding a particular outcome, of course.

Stressed Out!

Back pain comes from many causes, and underneath them all is stress. “Stress” to most people means worry and anxiety, but that’s just one kind of stress. The types of stress that affect the body are as follows:

Type of Stress
What It Does
EMOTIONAL/MENTAL This is the type of stress most people automatically think of. It’s things like worrying about money or your kids, anxiety about things at work, grief when a loved one passes on, anger at someone or fear of something. The body reacts to this kind of stress by tensing the muscles, which puts pressure on nerves and joints and can cause misalignments.
PHYSICAL This type of stress is obvious as well; it’s just not typically considered “stress.” Physical stress includes putting the body into unnatural positions, like bending over a desk for hours or standing on your feet all day, repeating certain motions over long periods of time, like typing or using a jackhammer, or sleeping in an awkward position. Any of these stressors overtaxes certain muscle groups, resulting in inflammation and pressure on nearby nerves.
CHEMICAL This type of stress is perhaps the least obvious. It refers to the things we eat, drink or inhale that disrupt the body’s normal function. These can be things like alcohol, drugs or tobacco, smoggy air, and too much junk food. These types of stress affect hormone production, throwing off delicate balances that ultimately result in impaired nerve function.

Don’t rely on back pain exercises alone. Call a chiropractor today to get started. All you have to lose is that annoying pain in your back!

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