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Lower Back Pain Relief

When you suffer from lower back pain, relief is your primary goal. It hurts to sit, it hurts to stand and it hurts to lie down – which means you’re in pain 24/7, and you still have to get through all your regular daily activities. It’s par for the course to reach for a bottle of pills, but those do nothing to correct what’s really going on with your back pain. For true back pain relief, there’s a natural approach that doesn’t rely on drugs – learn more!

Low Back Pain: Cause and Effect

Your spine has dozens of nerves running along it, branching out to every part of the body. When any of these nerves becomes irritated, pinched or inflamed, the result is pain in the parts of the body served by that particular nerve. Not only that, but when the nerves aren’t working properly, messages from the brain don’t always get where they’re supposed to go, affecting your ability to move normally.

So how do those nerves become irritated in the first place? The main causes of nerve irritation resulting in lower back pain are:

  • Bulging discs
  • Degenerative conditions
  • Trauma

You’ve probably heard of bulging (also called “herniated”) discs, but most people don’t know what that means. The discs are the spongy cushions between the vertebrae of the spine that prevent the bones from rubbing against each other or pinching nerves between them. Sometimes when a disc becomes damaged, either as a result of age or injury, the pulpy insides can bulge and leak out, resulting in less cushioning between the vertebrae. The bulging discs can also press directly on nearby nerves. Degenerative conditions typically come with age and often include osteoarthritis, a condition that may result in bone spurs that can interfere with spinal motion and irritate surrounding nerves. “And trauma doesn’t necessarily mean a fender bender – any fall, blow or injury to the spine from lifting or twisting is considered a trauma and often results in nerve irritation and lower back pain,” adds chiropractor in La Quinta, Dr. Lawrence Le Roy.

Low Back Pain: Relief at Last

Lower back pain a thing of the past image

The traditional treatments for lower back pain – bed rest, back exercises, medication or surgery – at best mask the symptoms and at worst exacerbate them. Physical therapy overworks strained structures, while the opposite extreme, bed rest, prolongs the symptoms and weakens the muscles. Medications numb your brain and your body, making it easy to inadvertently overdo things and worsen the situation – and the pain just comes back in a few short hours anyway. Surgery is drastic and involves permanently removing or fusing parts of your back and often brings more problems down the road.

But traditional approaches aren’t the only ones out there: there’s a natural approach to relieving lower back pain safely, without drugs or side effects: chiropractic. As a noted chiropractor in Calgary explains, “although mainstream medicine wants you to think chiropractic is quackery, the truth is it’s the world’s most sought-after alternative to traditional medicine – because it gets results!”

Search for practicing chiropractors in Harrisburg.

To find out what chiropractic can do to relieve your lower back pain, contact one of our sponsors in your city today. Unlike “regular” doctor’s appointments, this one lasts longer than five minutes! Your chiropractor will spend quite a bit of time learning about you as well as your symptoms. Then he or she will perform an in-depth exam to discover the specific malpositioned structures that are causing the nerve interferences resulting in your back pain. Of course, they will explain all this to you, step-by-step. Finally, your chiropractor will share with you his or her plan for addressing those underlying problems… and then put that plan into action by providing gentle and safe adjustments to correct any areas of misalignment.

When your back is restored to optimal alignment, irritation of the nerves ceases and pain is eliminated, exclaims this Fort Myers Chiropractor.

Chiropractic is both natural and safe. Chiropractors have advanced degrees, meet exacting licensing requirements and continue their education throughout their careers. Most insurance plans provide benefits for chiropractic care.

And although individual outcomes cannot be guaranteed, the worldwide popularity of chiropractic attests to the fact that many patients find lasting lower back pain relief. Some even find that regular chiropractic check-ups help prevent problems before they start!

What About Sciatica?

SCIATICA has gotten a lot of press lately, but not all lower back pain is sciatica. When spinal structures press on or irritate the sciatic nerve, you may experience pain in your lower back, buttocks or one or both legs – this collection of symptoms is referred to as sciatica. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body, running from the lower spine all the way into the feet, so there are plenty of places for pain to manifest. Often the cause of sciatica is the cumulative effect of years of bad posture, obesity or lack of conditioning that results in “sudden” symptoms when you reach down to pick up the newspaper one morning! But whether your lower back pain is caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve or not, chiropractic can usually help.

Don’t struggle through another day with low back pain – find safe, lasting lower back pain relief today by calling a chiropractor.


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