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Lower Back Pain

Pain in the lower back can stem from a variety of causes, but the bottom line is, low back pain can keep you from doing what you need to do – and what you want to do! The constant backache can make everyday activities unpleasant or even impossible to accomplish: simple things like picking up your kids, carrying in the groceries or just getting comfortable are no longer simple. Fortunately, there is an option for lower back pain relief, and it doesn’t involve drugs! Learn more.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Typically lower back pain isn’t caused by anything too serious. Common low back pain causes include:

  • Trauma
  • Degeneration
  • Bulging discs

Traumas such as car accidents or falls are obvious, but overstretching, lifting something too heavy (or lifting something improperly), or becoming a “weekend warrior” after a period of inactivity can cause strain in the muscles of the lower back, which can pull other spinal structures out of alignment. Degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis may result in bone spurs or deterioration of the discs, which should cushion the vertebra. When discs “bulge”, the pulpy insides leak and press outward, applying pressure to nearby nerves. When any of these cause irritation of the sciatic nerve, low back pain associated with sciatica is the result.

While the body is amazingly adaptable, learning to compensate for many, many traumas and incidents over a lifetime, when it reaches its limit, it tells you in the only way it can: with pain. Using pain relievers to stop the pain is like turning off the smoke detector – without putting out the fire! Instead, try a natural approach that addresses the underlying cause of the pain.

Treating Lower Back Pain

There is no magic cure for lower back pain. The traditional medical approach to low back pain is to treat the symptoms with pain relievers. If you don’t feel pain, that’s all that matters, right? Wrong. Masking the pain gives you an artificial sense of well-being and can cause you to further strain your back. Not only that, but pain medications, even aspirin, have serious possible side effects and drug interaction issues. Exercises for lower back pain are risky because they overwork areas that are already strained. Surgery involves permanent removal of bones or fusing together of bones in the back. And none of these treatments do anything to help correct the underlying cause of the pain!

Say Goodbye to Pain

Lower back pain relief image

Healing lower back pain depends upon addressing the underlying cause of the pain, rather than just treating the symptoms. “Chiropractic locates these underlying causes and helps restore proper alignment to reduce nerve irritation and allow the body to heal itself, ” says this busy chiropractor in Logan City.

If you haven’t tried chiropractic, you may be skeptical – and that’s understandable, considering the mainstream medical community has spent years spreading misinformation about chiropractic. The truth is, chiropractic is extremely well-respected, earning its reputation as the number one alternative approach to wellness in the world because of its high success rate. Chiropractors receive advanced degrees and offer a compassionate approach missing from many traditional medical practices. Recognized by the federal government and licensed by every state, chiropractic is also covered by most insurance plans.

And it’s so easy to get started with chiropractic. Simply make a phone call to one of our sponsoring chiropractors to set up an appointment. There, you’ll answer a bunch of questions to help your chiropractor get a clear view of what you’ve been going through, before receiving a thorough examination. Your doctor will detail the results of the exam and describe the plan of action he or she intends to implement for your specific circumstances.

This listing of Peterborough chiropractors stands ready to help.

This plan will involve making chiropractic adjustments to those bony misalignments leading to your lower back pain. Many people experience relief after just a few sessions, while other people find that regular chiropractic checkups are helpful in keeping their back in good working order. Obviously, results vary and no outcome can be guaranteed.

When your spinal structure is returned to normal positioning, nerve interference is eliminated or minimized, allowing the nerves to begin functioning properly. When your body’s structure and function are restored, it can begin to heal. So instead of just treating symptoms, you are actually helping return your body to true health.

Read the Labels!

The majority of Americans take two or more medications daily – and the number goes up with age. Before you add lower back pain medication to the mix, be sure you know what other medications it interacts with. (Please note that this is not a complete list of all possible interactions).

Drug Common Interactions
NSAID MEDICATIONS These can be over-the-counter or prescription drugs. Some brand names are Advil, Motrin and Aleve. Aspirin and ibuprofen are NSAIDs. Drugs in this category interact with medications used for lowering blood pressure and thinning the blood, as well as lithium.
MUSCLE RELAXANT MEDICATIONS These are prescription medications such as Valium and Soma. They are often habit forming. Drugs of this nature may interfere with monoamine oxidase inhibitors and other antidepressants.
TRICYCLIC ANTI-DEPRESSANT MEDICATIONS These are prescription medications including Endep and Norpramin. Drugs like these may interact with medication to control heart rhythm, anti-seizure medications and MAOI’s.
NARCOTIC MEDICATIONS These are prescription medications like Hydrocodone, Codeine, and Morphine. These drugs are habit forming and can interact with other pain relievers and muscle relaxing medications.

Take a step towards relieving your lower back pain by calling a chiropractor today!

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