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An Unexpected Natural Cure for Bedwetting: Chiropractic Care

Bedwetting child

Bedwetting is one of the biggest sources of embarrassment for a bedwetting child and even more so for a bedwetting teen. Tragically, as 2% of all 19 year olds still wet the bed!

End Shame and Frustration

If you’ve installed bedwetting alarms, restricted fluid intake and even tried hypnosis, yet still face the laundry of wet pajamas and bed linens in the morning, you’re going to be surprised, maybe even shocked, by an all-natural bedwetting cure that will end your child’s shame and frustration for good.

Brain-to-Bladder Communications

The brain controls and regulates the bladder and every other cell, tissue, organ and system of the body. Compromise or distortion of nerve messages between the brain and the bladder can result in a loss of bladder control.

Nerve Interference From Spinal Bones

Nerve impulses leave the brain, travel down the spinal cord and then out between spinal bones to service the bladder. Many bedwetting children and teenagers suffer nerve interference from spinal bones in their lower back where nerves exit the spinal column. The predictable result? Bedwetting.

Experts Who Reduce Nerve Interference

The symptom may be bedwetting, but the cause is nerve interference. Fortunately, there are licensed health professionals who reduce nerve interference to the bladder and the entire body who use all-natural methods. Doctors of Chiropractic have been successfully helping bedwetters for over a century!


Can Chiropractors Help With Bedwetting?

Simply put, if your child is exhibiting signs of nerve interference, a chiropractor can probably help. “I thought chiropractors just worked with headaches and back pain?” It’s a common misconception. Chiropractors locate and reduce nerve interferences caused by spinal vertebrae that are slightly misaligned and affecting nearby nerves.

But My Child Doesn’t Have a “Bad Back”

True, your child may not complain of low back pain or other back-related issues. However, the sometimes-subtle spinal misalignments that chiropractors help correct are often present without pain. Find out if your child’s bedwetting is the result of these overlooked and all-too-common spinal misalignments.

Your Child’s First Visit to the Chiropractor

After setting an appointment with one of the compassionate chiropractors who sponsor this site, there will be some brief paperwork. Then, a pre-care interview with the chiropractor. Parents often remark how impressed they are by the respect given their child, putting them at ease and giving them hope.

A Thorough Head-to-Toe Examination

If your child is a good candidate for chiropractic care, a complete examination will be conducted. Many chiropractic patients say it’s the most thorough they’ve ever had. The simple, non-invasive tests help reveal the location and extent of nervous system interferences along the spine.

The All-Natural Chiropractic Adjustment

After reporting the examination findings, a series of precise chiropractic adjustments will be recommended. These target the wayward bones producing the nerve interference causing the lose of bladder control. These gentle thrusts help nudge the particular vertebra back into normal alignment.

Not only are they effective, they feel great! (If they didn’t chiropractic would have vanished years ago.)

Childhood Bedwetting Causes

If you have a bedwetting child, rest assured you have plenty of company. Childhood bedwetting is one of the most common pediatric conditions. Most girls stay dry through the night by the time they reach age six; some boys may still be bedwetters until they reach age seven. This should prove reassuring to parents who expect that their children will stay dry through the night at a much earlier age.

Typically, bedwetting boys are no different from bedwetting girls when it comes to reasons why they wet their beds; however, boys do outnumber girls as bedwetters.

Your child may be a bedwetter because:

  • You were one – 75% of all childhood bedwetters have a parent who also was one.
  • The communication link between their brain and bladder isn’t mature enough yet to function properly during sleep.
  • He or she is a very deep sleeper; therefore, their brain just doesn’t receive the “full bladder” signal.
  • He or she may have a lower level of anti-diuretic hormone (ADH). ADH tells the kidneys to stop producing urine when you sleep.
  • He or she has a smaller bladder that can’t hold urine through the night.
  • Your child is constipated and the bowel is putting pressure on the bladder.

Although many parents once thought that childhood bedwetting was due to laziness, this is far from the truth. What child would actually want to sleep in a wet bed all night? Thankfully, this attitude has changed for the most part.

Bedwetting: Causes in Teenagers and Adults

If it’s embarrassing to be a bedwetting child – how much more shame does a bedwetting teenager face?

In some cases, a teenager might never have achieved any extended period of dryness (primary enuresis); in other cases, the teenager might have been dry at night for years when he or she begins wetting the bed again (secondary enuresis).

Teenage bedwetting has a number of causes, some of which are the same as those for younger children, while some may be related to other causes or conditions:

  • Lower level of the anti-diuretic hormone (ADH)
  • Smaller bladder
  • Deep sleeping
  • Medical conditions, such as diabetes, urinary infections
  • Stress or other emotional disorders, common to teenagers

Many teens who cannot stop bedwetting are too ashamed to go to ask for help. This can affect their emotional health and cause them to avoid sleepovers and any type of close emotional attachments because they fear that their secret will get out.

Bedwetting child punished by parents image

Bedwetting Cures

Usually the parents of childhood bedwetters and teenage bedwetters try a number of different bedwetting cures, without much success. Bedwetting diapers, a bedwetting alarm that is designed to signal when the first drop of urine hits an undergarment, or even bedwetting hypnosis are common bedwetting remedies; in most cases, these solutions are unsuccessful and the bed is still wet.

With bedwetting children, age is typically the “cure.” They simply outgrow it. With bedwetting teenagers, the answers aren’t always as simple, especially if they have never experienced any period of dryness. They are often frustrated, alone, ashamed and lonely, having been teased for years by everyone who found out about their “secret.”

Is Chiropractic a Cure For Bedwetting?

Chiropractors don’t claim to treat bedwetting. However, they do know that there is a good chance that chiropractic can help stop bedwetting, or at least reduce the frequency of “wet” nights, if the bedwetting is related to a spinal misalignment.

Several research studies have explored the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments on bedwetters. In one such study, 25 % of children who received chiropractic adjustments experienced a 50 % or greater reduction in the number of wet nights. None of the children in the control group experienced this same result.

Take Action Today!

Call one of the sponsors of and feel free to talk candidly about your bedwetting frustrations and concerns. Listen to countless numbers of bedwetting stories, stories of the hope and help that chiropractic gave to children and teenagers who were chronic bedwetters and who are now “dry” through the night.

Bedwetting Medications

Medical doctors might prescribe medication as a bedwetting cure, especially for teenagers. However, unlike drug-free chiropractic care, use of these medications can produce side effects that are just as problematic as the bedwetting itself!

Listed below are some of the most frequently prescribed medications for bedwetting, along with a list of possible side effects associated with each.

Drug Side Effects
SANOFI-AVENTIS Common side effects include nasal discomfort, nosebleeds, stomach pain, headache, nausea, flushing , abdominal cramps, rise in blood pressure, seizures, and water intoxication that can lead to coma or death.
TOFRANIL Possible side effects include constipation, dry mouth, nervousness, anxiety, difficulty sleeping (insomnia), mood or personality changes, headaches, abdominal pain, decreased appetite, blurred vision, uncontrollable crying, fast heartbeat, seizures, coma, low blood pressure.
DITROPAN Known side effects include urinary tract infection, insomnia, nervousness, dizziness, headache, blurred vision, dry mouth, constipation, nausea, nasal dryness, cough, dry throat, sinus congestion, hoarseness, asthma, nasal congestion, drowsiness.

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