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Chiropractic and Stroke

Occasionally an article will appear in “the news,” alarming the public that chiropr..

Allergies? Time For a Little Relief!

It’s allergy season, with increased allergens and pollen counts. Everywhere you go, peopl..

Faster Than the Speed of Light

Summer is a great time for people to start running programs. The weather is nice and the days a..

Chiropractic for Infants? Yes!

Imagine as an adult that you are curled-up within a tight thick rubber sack, head down. Now ima..

Lifechanging Approach to Bedwetting

Bedwetting is a common problem for many children, and it can cause embarrassment as well as dee..

Headache Causes and Treatments

Few conditions leave their victims as miserable and agitated as headaches. There are many cause..

Don’t Take Life Sitting Down!

When it comes to “risk factors for death” we normally think of smoking, obesity, fa..

The Amazing Machine

Can you imagine a machine that could heal your condition? Just type in the right combination an..

What Is True Wellness

The term wellness has recently become quite the buzzword in today’s society. Unfortunatel..

Bad Feet = Lower Back Pain?

How can your feet and the way you walk cause lower back pain?? Back pain is a very debilitating..

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