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Carpal Tunnel Symptoms: Drug-free Relief

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Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms usually appear gradually, beginning with pain or tingling in the thumb or first two fingers of one or both hands. As the symptoms progress and the pain increases, it becomes more and more difficult to complete ordinary tasks – even clearing away your dinner dishes can be a painful ordeal. If you’ve been suffering with carpal tunnel symptoms, you understand the need for relief – and you’re probably willing to do whatever it takes to get it! But the bottle of pills will only treat the symptoms. In order to get true, lasting carpal tunnel relief, you need to identify and address the underlying cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. Fortunately, there’s a natural approach that does just that. Keep reading to learn more!

Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

As carpal tunnel progresses, you are likely to experience a broader range of symptoms and more severe pain and disability, including:

  • Wrist pain radiating into your hand, thumb, fingers (not the pinky finger)
  • Increased pain at night, keeping you awake
  • Tingling and numbness in the hand, thumb and fingers that you can’t “shake out”
  • Weakness and loss of grip strength, causing you to drop things
  • Pain extending up into your forearm or even your shoulder
  • Loss of feeling or a feeling of “fullness” in your fingers (though the fingers are not actually swollen)
  • Wasting away of muscle at the base of the thumb

It’s easy to see why people are willing to try drugs, braces, exercises and even surgery to alleviate these excruciating symptoms. But none of these approaches attempts to correct the underlying cause of carpal tunnel symptoms. Learn more about a drug-free, all-natural approach that can eliminate your pain and correct the real problem.

Underlying Cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

People whose hands are subjected to repeated stresses may have a higher incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome; however, in many cases, the symptoms of carpal tunnel appear suddenly and for no apparent reason. Treating the localized symptoms may alleviate the pain, but since the cause is never addressed the relief is only temporary, even with surgical intervention. Drugs to ease the pain numb your entire body and lead to a host of side effects, drug interactions and other problems – and still do nothing to heal the underlying cause.

So what is the cause? Your wrist is made up of many tiny bones, surrounded by a band of supporting ligaments. The space between the bones and the ligaments is a narrow tunnel (the carpal tunnel), through which the median nerve must travel on its way to your hand. If any of these small bones become misaligned, the result is swelling and pressure within the tunnel, which irritates and inflames the median nerve and causes the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Treating carpal tunnel symptoms using pain relievers, anti-inflammatories or steroids does nothing to address the misaligned bone(s) in the wrist.

Double Crush

Compounding the issue for carpal tunnel sufferers is the fact that further misalignments in the upper back, neck, shoulder or elbow frequently exist. This is why CTR surgery, carpal tunnel exercises and bracing the wrist are often unsuccessful: the wrist is only part of the problem. Only a natural approach that deals with all of the structural causes can offer complete healing of your carpal tunnel pain.

Choose Natural

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For carpal tunnel syndrome, chiropractic often succeeds where traditional medicine fails – by looking at the entire body rather than just the painful area, and by working with the body to create healing rather than just treating the outer symptoms.

If you’ve never tried chiropractic, you may not realize that chiropractic has become the most sought-after alternative approach to health and wellness. Chiropractors have many years of education, state and federal licensing and recognition, and insurance company approval. And they offer a safe, natural approach to identifying the cause of your carpal tunnel symptoms and restoring proper alignment to correct the problem and eliminate the pain.

When you make an appointment with one of our sponsoring doctors, you’ll notice the care and attention the doctor gives you. After asking lots of great questions – and actually listening to your answers – the doctor will determine if you are a good candidate for chiropractic. If so, expect to receive a thorough examination, followed by a complete explanation of the results. Your doctor will also discuss a plan for resolving any problems discovered in the exam. This plan will include delivering precise chiropractic adjustments to any areas of misalignment to help restore proper alignment and release the pressure on the median nerve that’s triggering your carpal tunnel symptoms.

Carpal Tunnel Relief at Last!

The reason chiropractic is the most popular natural health approach is because we get results. Of course, our sponsors cannot guarantee or predict your specific outcome, but our excellent success rate eliminating the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome – and correcting its underlying causes – is why we enjoy such high levels of patient satisfaction.

Say hello to chiropractic and goodbye to carpal tunnel syndrome! Take action today – call one of our sponsoring doctors and find natural healing for your carpal tunnel symptoms and their underlying causes.

Before You Take Medications for Carpal Tunnel…

Both prescription and over-the-counter medications have side effects and interaction issues. Chiropractic, on the other hand, is totally natural! The chart below shows the most common medications prescribed for carpal tunnel and some of their side effects and possible drug interactions:

Carpal Tunnel Drug Unwanted Effects
Aspirin Upset stomach, drowsiness, headache. Interacts with blood thinners.
Ibuprofen Rash, ringing in the ears, headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, constipation and heartburn. Interacts with lithium, blood thinners and blood pressure medications.
Celebrex Nausea, diarrhea, heartburn, upset stomach and stomach pain, stomach ulcer or bleeding, serious cardiovascular thrombotic events, myocardial infarction, and stroke. Interacts with blood thinners, lithium, fluconazole, and blood pressure medications.
Piroxicam Chest pain, slurred speech, stomach upset, gas, bloating, dizziness, blurred vision, ringing in the ears, rash, bruising. Interacts with anti-depressants, methotrexate, lithium, blood thinners and blood pressure medications.
Prednisone Vision problems, swelling, rapid weight gain, depression, seizures, pancreatitis, low potassium, dangerously high blood pressure, insomnia, mood changes, sweating, acne, slow wound healing, dizziness, nausea, changes in body fat. Interacts with aspirin, diuretics, blood thinners, cyclosporine, insulin, antibiotics, seizure medications.
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