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High Blood Pressure & Chiropractic

Have you been diagnosed with hypertension, more commonly known as high blood pressure? If not, ..

Fit & Healthy Seniors

Many people mistakenly think that memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s and other ailments are a..

Inflammatory Foods: Can Your Diet Cause Pain?

Inflammation of any part of your body is your immune system’s response to an infection, injur..

Kids and Migraines

Children can get headaches too and although parents often panic and immediately think worst cas..

How Does Chiropractic Treatment Work?

It is important for patients to realize that in the majority of cases the real problem is diffe..

ADD/ADHD: Is It Real?

The ADD/ADHD diagnosis is controversial at best, or a sham to get lots of kids on medication fo..

Natural PMS Relief

Estimates suggest that up to 90% of women suffer from some form of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) ..

Ear Infections: Antibiotics Are Not Always the Answer

Your child is crying and pulling on his ear. You’re inclined to make an appointment with the ..

Anatomy of the Sciatic Nerve

Someone you know may have complained about a condition known as sciatica, but what is it? And i..

Listening to Your Body

Many of us in the health care field have discovered the positive effects of biofeedback. This t..

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