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Buy Some Motivation!

Once considered a luxury for the rich and famous, a personal trainer is now a regular “fixtur..

An Apple a Day…

Is it true that, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away?” Numerous studies have conclude..

Do You Hate Your Job?

We spend an average of 2100 hours each year at a place called “work,” doing this thing call..

Air Bags + Infant Car Seats = Recipe for Disaster

You’re ready to leave the hospital with your new baby and the hospital personnel accompany yo..

Sit Up Straight! Turns Out, Mom Was Right!

Remember when your mother used to say things like, “Eat all your vegetables.” And, “Look ..


The foods we eat today are quite different from the foods our grandparents ate. It’s true tha..

Fart Facts

Ok, I know, I know… who wants to talk about gas, or burping, or God forbid (and I’ll even u..

Let ‘Em See You Sweat?

You know the saying, “Never let them see you sweat.” Well, maybe they don’t have to see y..

The Family That Eats Together Doesn’t Do Drugs!

Research in the past has shown that the more often a family eats together, the less likely a te..

Is Your Life Toxic?

Environmental groups and laws regularly “police” the emission of toxins and pollutants into..

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