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Food Allergies

You eat strawberries. Hives. You eat shellfish. Your throat starts to close and you can’t bre..

Are Hair Dyes Safe?

Some women get very touchy at their first sighting of a white or gray hair and make an immediat..

Pregnancy and Back Pain

Most pregnant women generally agree on one point – that back pain is definitely a health conc..

Zero Gravity = Back Pain Relief

It is estimated that at least 95% of all people will suffer some type of back pain during their..

Heavy Metal

When you hear “heavy metal,” you may think blaring rock music, but there’s a far more dan..

Germs Don’t Cause Disease!

Years ago, Louis Pasteur “discovered” the “germ theory,” and the rest is history! The g..

Help – My Child is a Bed-Wetter

If you were a bed-wetter as a child, you surely remember the embarrassment, shame and remorse t..

When “Side Effects” Are Good News

Imagine if, rather than getting dangerous and harmful side effects with your medicine, you got ..

0 – 60: A Bad Idea!

With the New Year upon us, many will rush to renew their commitment to physical fitness, and th..

Living to 100, Part 2

So you want to stay healthy naturally and live longer too? Here are some more suggestions to he..

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