Category: Natural Health

Don’t Take Life Sitting Down!

When it comes to “risk factors for death” we normally think of smoking, obesity, fa..

The Amazing Machine

Can you imagine a machine that could heal your condition? Just type in the right combination an..

What Is True Wellness

The term wellness has recently become quite the buzzword in today’s society. Unfortunatel..

When To Use Ice? When To Use Heat?

One of the most common natural health care approaches to pain – whether it’s a headache..

Natural Fertility

Have you decided that you are ready to try to have a baby? Maybe you will be one of the lucky o..

Health Care Reform

In the raging debate many of our political leaders are having regarding health care, we need to..

Do’s and Don’ts to Boost Your Immune System

Natural health care starts with a few simple steps to help improve your immune function: DO tak..

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