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Natural Healing for Bulging Discs

Each set of bones (vertebrae) in your spine are cushioned by a disc that makes movement easier...

Germs Are Seeds!

How come some people go from one cold to the next, getting all the bugs that “go around” an..

Heavy Academic Load

It used to be that a carrying a heavy academic load meant a series of difficult classes. But th..

Time for a TV Fast!

Have you noticed changes in your children’s personalities – increased irritability, imp..

Pap Smear Controversy

For years, women have believed that an annual Pap smear is necessary, even after you’ve had a..

Tips for Living Better, Longer

In the 1920’s, the average life expectancy was 54; today the average life expectancy is 78. A..

Working Out on the Road

Travel frequently for business and wonder how you’ll keep that body buff while you’re winin..

Looking Good?

You hear about it all the time – this one’s just had a face lift, this one just went for bo..

Do What You Love, Love What You Do

How many people jump out of bed every day, rush through their shower and dressing routine and f..

Can Birth Really Be That Traumatic?

Traumatic Birth Syndrome, Birth Trauma – they both refer to the same thing – the negative e..

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