Category: Neck Pain

What’s the Brain Stem?

You may have heard of the brain stem, but do you know what it’s in charge of? What its basic ..

Trigger Point Therapy for Chronic Neck & Back Pain

Trigger point therapy is a manual technique designed to relieve stress deep in your muscles. If..

Living to 100, Part 2

So you want to stay healthy naturally and live longer too? Here are some more suggestions to he..


You’re sitting in your car at a stop light when all of a sudden “BAM,” another car hits y..

More than Just a Pain in the Neck?

When is a pain in the neck more than just a pain in the neck? When is it the sign that somethin..

Whiplash: More Than a Pain In the Neck

Who knew a fun day at the amusement park could result in a whiplash injury? When they hear the ..

When To Use Ice? When To Use Heat?

One of the most common natural health care approaches to pain – whether it’s a headache..

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