How to Soothe a Colicky Baby

How To Soothe A Colicky Baby

You’ve always wanted a baby and now that you have one, all your baby does is cry. You’re frustrated and you feel like a failure – nothing you seem to try works.

However, when it comes to how to soothe a colicky baby, you probably haven’t considered all-natural chiropractic care. But you should. Just ask the thousands of parents who’ve already tried it.

Colicky Babies: The Facts

Colic affects at least 20% of all babies. Why does yours have to be the 1 in 5 who has it?

You’ve most likely followed several of your pediatrician’s suggestions with no success. Are you resigned to living with your baby’s distress, or is there really a safe and natural solution to your baby’s colic that looks at causes rather than just trying to relieve symptoms?

Colic Remedies: What Can You Do?

Have you tried any of these colic remedies to relieve your baby’s incessant crying?

  • Swaddling the baby in a snug blanket
  • Taking your baby for a car ride
  • Using a baby swing or pacifier as a soother
  • Administering over-the-counter or prescription medications
  • Giving your baby Colic Calm
  • Using colic-free baby bottles
  • Adding alcohol to your baby’s bottle

If you’re like most parents of a colicky baby, you’ve probably tried them all, anything, in fact, to get some relief – relief for you and for your baby!

The problem is that these methods address symptoms (the baby’s crying) and don’t look at the underlying cause(s) of the colic. A natural solution for colic does exist that seeks to eliminate any one of the common causes of your baby’s crying.

Soothing Colic Naturally

As your child was being born, even a so-called “natural birth,” there may have been some misalignment to his or her neck and spine. This can occur due to vacuum extraction, forceps or other forms of assisted delivery. So while childbirth is a natural process, what we’ve done to “help” can often produce unintended consequences, putting added pressure on your baby’s neck and spine.

So what does this mean? Your child’s spine may have become misaligned during the birth process, affecting nerves that control many of the body’s vital functions. Your baby may have an intense headache! No wonder she cries all the time. What can you do to help your baby?

Consider pediatric chiropractic care with a sympathetic, compassionate and highly skilled chiropractic professional who has had great success in helping other infants with colic.

babyColic: No Agreement on Cause

With most forms of dis-ease, a root cause can be pinpointed. But when it comes to colic, experts agree that it’s hard to know exactly what makes an infant cry for hours on end. After all, your baby can’t tell you!

Some causes might include:

  • Your baby has an allergy to the formula you are using
  • You’re breastfeeding and maybe your diet is causing gastric distress in your baby
  • Your baby has an immature digestive and/or nervous system
  • Your baby swallows a lot of air while feeding, and crying, and may become bloated or have gas as a result
  • Your baby does not react well to overstimulation (i.e., too much light, noise, visitors, etc.)

Actually, colic can result from any one or a combination of these causes. Experts cannot agree on a single cause, and some believe there may be different causes in different babies. An immature digestive system was once believed to be the only cause; however, this explanation is no longer universally accepted and other causes, such as a third trimester and post-partum maternal stress and smoking are being investigated.

While how to soothe a colicky baby may be debated, the result is the same – an unhappy infant with frustrated and worn out parents.

Colic Relief With Chiropractic Care

When you take your baby to a chiropractor, you’ll be consulting with a gentle and caring professional who understands your frustration and who can offer a solution that’s natural – with no side effects and no harm to your baby.

Chiropractic is the most popular alternative to traditional health care; chiropractors receive years of training, they are highly skilled, and they must complete stringent licensing requirements as well as participate in on-going, continuous education.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you consult with a chiropractor, your baby will receive a thorough examination before any adjustment is made. This examination and the prenatal, birth and post-natal history that you provide will help to assess the likelihood of spinal misalignment.

To make you more comfortable, you can even ask the practitioner to show you exactly how much pressure is used to adjust a baby–you’ll be surprised at how gentle and light it actually is.

Chiropractic care for babies is safe. Rest assured that chiropractors use no more force than you do on a tomato to test its ripeness! And the results? Well, in one study that examined chiropractic care for infants with colic, 94% of parents reported a marked improvement in their baby’s behavior in as little as two weeks. This, after more than 50% of the infants studied had already been treated with drugs without success.

Another study concluded that 91% of babies included in the study showed a reduction in colic symptoms after as few as just two visits to the chiropractor!

Discover How to Soothe a Colicky Baby with Chiropractic Care

If you are tired and frustrated with your infant’s constant crying, and you’re wondering what else you can possibly do to help your baby, use our helpful directory to locate a chiropractor in your neighborhood.

While we can’t guarantee results, we can assure you that we have a very high success rate providing natural relief for babies with colic.

Choose natural. Choose chiropractic!

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