Middle Ear Infection Treatment

Middle Ear Infection Treatment

Middle ear infections are extremely common —so common in fact that many parents discover that their child has one at a well visit to the pediatrician—particularly if it is still in an early stage. Did you know that many children seek pediatric chiropractic care for middle ear infection treatment? Or experience many other childhood health challenges?

Before we examine the effectiveness of chiropractic in addressing ear infections, let’s take a look at what middle ear infections are, and the conventional way of treating them.

What Causes Middle Ear Infections?

Middle ear infections are generally not serious, and they are not contagious. But they are painful, and this pain causes your child’s crying and discomfort. Sometimes the backup of fluid behind the eardrum pushes so hard against it that the eardrum ruptures.

Although alarming to the parent, because of the discharge of fluid mixed with blood that usually occurs, a rupture is not a cause for concern and it is not harmful to your child. In fact, when it happens, your child will feel immediate relief from any pain and pressure that was caused by the backup of fluid.

Middle Ear Infections: Tired of Temporary Relief?

Most doctors have adopted a very cautious attitude when it comes to ear infections in children. Afraid of the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria because of antibiotic overuse, and because recent studies have downplayed the effectiveness of antibiotics in treating ear infections, doctors today are less likely to routinely prescribe an antibiotic for middle ear infections.

Instead, many adopt a “wait and see” attitude for the first 72 hours before writing an antibiotic script.

They advise you to give your child an over-the-counter pain reliever and provide you with some home remedies for middle ear infections that you might consider to ease your child’s pain, if only just for a little while so you can both get some rest.

Relief From Middle Ear Infections Naturally

There is a natural middle ear infection treatment that’s an alternative that doesn’t involve drugs or surgery. It’s a safe and effective solution that works for many children with chronic middle ear infections.

Like most home remedies for ear infections, it’s a gentle solution, but it doesn’t just relieve symptoms. Instead, it looks at what might be causing your child’s chronic middle ear infections.

Chiropractors receive very specific training that helps them to find and correct spinal misalignments that interfere with the functioning of our nervous system. They believe that many illnesses and conditions such as ear infections arise due to spinal misalignments affecting proper nerve regulation of many organs and tissues. This is especially true for the nerve-rich upper cervical (neck) vertebrae of the spine.

These spinal misalignments interfere with proper nerve function and affect nerves that branch out to all areas of your child’s body. When nerve function is compromised in any way, the body cannot function correctly. Drugs and surgeries don’t correct spinal misalignments and free up nerves; chiropractors do!

Once a chiropractor locates and corrects this nerve interference in the spine, the body starts to self-regulate and heal on its own. Symptoms resolve.

Middle Ear infections Respond to All-Natural Chiropractic Care

When you take your child to see the chiropractor, sit back and watch the way in which he or she interacts with your child to make your child feel comfortable and safe. No shots given here!

Trust is quickly established, and your child is on the road to health and wellness — not the kind you find in a pill or a bottle of pain relievers—true health that comes from the inside.

Chiropractors want your child to be healthy. That is why they treat the cause of disease and not just the symptoms. By removing any nerve interference in your child’s spine, a chiropractor re-establishes the vital communication links between the brain and the body through the nerves that carry the messages back and forth.

No interference = health; it’s really just that simple! Choose natural. Choose chiropractic.

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