Back Brace for Scoliosis

Back Brace for Scoliosis

Wearing a back brace for scoliosis is a natural way to manage a spinal curvature, but it’s far from a cure. In fact, a brace is designed to prevent the curvature of the spine from worsening but does not correct it.

While many believe surgery is the only effective treatment for scoliosis, gentle chiropractic care has helped individuals just like you set the curve straight, naturally.

What Is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine that affects millions of people each year. Scoliosis is generally developed in childhood and most often during a growth spurt right before puberty.

While most cases of scoliosis are mild and may not require severe intervention, some may develop deformities of the spine that only worsen with age, leaving many to believe that surgery is their only option.

Symptoms of scoliosis include uneven shoulders, one hip higher than the other, an uneven waist or one shoulder blade that may appear to protrude outward more than the other and causing hip dysplasia.

When scoliosis worsens, it can affect more than just your spine, causing ribs on one side to stick out farther than normal. Scoliosis can fun in families and affects both genders, with females experiencing a higher instance of worsening curves than males.

If scoliosis is not addressed, it can cause problems with many of the bodies systems, including lung and heart damage, back issues and chronic pain, and emotional issues as many afflicted become self-conscious about their appearance.

A Natural Solution: Chiropractic Care

choose natural logoLet’s set the curve straight—literally!

Chiropractic care is designed to properly align your spine while helping the muscles and ligaments that pull on each vertebra to stay in an optimal position. Because individuals with scoliosis may have weak back muscles, this can greatly impact the degree of their curve.

With a gentle and specific adjustment, your chiropractor will aim to restore function to the spine, allowing your brain and body to communicate properly and helping to bring balance to the nervous system. When your body is functioning as it was designed to, it’s able to begin healing itself.

A chiropractor may also use a special method for adjusting a patient dealing with scoliosis with a goal to mobilize the spine and straighten its curve. Adjustments are typically gentle and effective for patients of all walks of life.

While you shouldn’t expect overnight results after visiting a chiropractor, many patients worldwide have had great success with following a recommended care plan and visiting their chiropractor regularly.

Other Natural Alternatives to Surgery

Aside from chiropractic care or a back brace, there are other natural alternatives to option for surgery when it comes to scoliosis. Consider implementing the following into your life for the best potential outcomes.


Maintain your physical fitness is crucial to aiding in the correction of a spinal curve. Your back consists of several important muscles, and strengthening those that may be weak can help it better hold your bones in proper position. Exercises like rowing and planks are great for your spinal muscles.


Daily stretches will help to loosen tight muscles that can pull spinal ligaments and vertebra out of alignment. Your chiropractor can recommend specific stretches that will benefit your unique case.

Whole Food Diet

Your body needs whole, organic nutrients to function as it was meant to. Give your muscles inflammatory fighting foods to reduce inflammation in your body like nuts, leafy greens, cherries, salmon and peppers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most practitioners recommend bracing a back if the curvature of the spine is greater than 20 degrees. When the curvature is less, it’s important to monitor its progress every few months to see if it’s improving or continuing to turn.

Because every patients needs are unique, it’s difficult to give a set time for improvement. However, developing a regular care plan with your chiropractor often produces the best results. Your practitioner will monitor your progress and make any tweaks to care that will benefit you in the best way.

Sadly, no. A brace is simply designed to stop the spinal curve from progressing. However, many chiropractors have seen incredible results through specific, focused adjustments that help the spine to re-learn and hold its proper position. Combined with a brace, this is a fantastic option for some individuals.

X-rays are typically necessary to monitor the curve of the spine so progression can be easily monitored. If you’re worried about x-ray exposure, ask your doctor if they can provide you with a lead vest while they’re being taken.

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