Scoliosis Surgery Recovery

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Scoliosis Surgery and Recovery

If your child has scoliosis — a sideways curvature of the spine – you know how scary and frustrating it can be trying to find a treatment that will help.

And before you decide on scoliosis surgery, you consider chiropractic care.

Natural, gentle and effective, care with a chiropractor has helped thousands in your exact position.

A Noninvasive Approach

Chiropractors have had excellent results with scoliosis, and there is little risk to your child because chiropractic is safe and 100% natural. No drugs. No scalpels.

Millions of people around the globe trust chiropractic more than any other alternative healthcare approach, simply because it works! Before we discuss in greater detail how chiropractic can help with scoliosis, let’s take a look at what scoliosis is and some of the conventional treatments and risks involved.

Scoliosis Facts

Surgical intervention for scoliosis is often suggested in certain situations:

  • Curves in particular areas of the spine
  • Curvature of over 40 – 50 degrees
  • Adult scoliosis accompanied by pain

Traditional medical approaches to scoliosis treatment are flawed– although doctors understand the mechanics of how the spine curves in scoliosis, little is known about why it curves.

Scoliosis generally shows up between the ages of 5 and 15 and affects more girls than boys.

Not all cases of scoliosis progress, but there is no way to predict which cases will continue to advance and which ones will remain minor.

How Chiropractic Naturally Addresses Scoliosis

Chiropractic carefully identifies areas of misalignment in the spine that are creating the curve, then applies safe and gentle adjustments to these areas. As a result, the body can begin to heal itself naturally.

Relevant muscles are strengthened, helping to correct the posture. As the body begins to revert to its normal alignment, the spine’s structure and function can also return to normal.

Your chiropractor, who has specific training and skill, will talk with you and your child at length to get a thorough understanding of the situation before determining if chiropractic is a good choice for your child. If so, a complete examination will be done, the results of which will be explained to you along with the doctor’s recommended course of action. Then those safe, gentle adjustments will be made, beginning the process of correcting the curve.

Scoliosis Surgery and Recovery

If surgery has been suggested for your child, it’s important to understand the risks. Scoliosis surgery lasts approximately six hours (it’s one of the most complex orthopedic surgeries performed on children), and the child remains hospitalized for about six days. Normal activities are not fully resumed until one year after surgery.

In scoliosis surgery, incisions are made in the back, and two steel rods are inserted on either side of the spine. Hooks or screws are used to attach the rods to the spine, forcing the spine into a straight position. Portions of the spine then fuse together, locking the correction in place.

Even after the spinal fusion has healed, the rods are left in the body to prevent having to have a second surgery to remove them.

Scoliosis Surgery Risk

Scoliosis surgery in young children can affect their future growth and can result in breathing problems or other issues. Although the areas of the spine that fuse together no longer grow, for older children and teens, this may not affect their final height significantly since most of their future growth will occur in the legs and un-fused portions of the spine.

Other significant risks of surgical scoliosis treatment include nerve damage, pain, arthritis and disc degeneration.

The Recovery Process

Besides these dangers, the recovery from scoliosis surgery is daunting. The child must be taught how to perform deep breathing and coughing exercises, how to move while in bed and how to get in or out of bed. He or she must learn to manage pain and deal with drainage tubes.

Rides in vehicles should be limited for six weeks, and the child will be home from school for one to two months. For three months after surgery, the child should not bend, lift, twist, play sports or attend gym class. For the next three months, some activities may be resumed, but gym class, contact sports, horseback riding, lifting and carnival rides are still off-limits.

After six months, if the doctor approves it, everything except contact sports may be resumed.

Although there are generally no further activity restrictions, depending upon how much of the spine is fused, the spine may not be flexible enough to perform certain activities such as gymnastics or yoga.

Choose Natural Chiropractic Care

Obviously, guarantees cannot be made with regard to any particular outcome, but chiropractic has helped many scoliosis patients—why not see if it can help your child? Call a chiropractor in your area by searching in our helpful directory.

Choose natural. Choose chiropractic.

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